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Write a 4 page essay on Messenger of The Global Village. He outlined the spiritual attainments in the form of higher mental spheres which he termed as noosphere. At that time his writings were not considered to represent the truth, but the concept of universal unification is a reality today. Manuel Castells (2000) proposed the growth of an Information Communication Technology (ICT) dominated informational society in which the social interaction becomes dependent on use of such technology. Recent advancements in technology have touched upon almost all spheres of life, which in turn has led to a vision called Technoshamanism implying integration of modern technology into shamanic practice.Discovery of fire and wheel are considered crucial cornerstones in the human civilization. With further advancements in science and technology, different aspects of human life got affected. On the one hand we have the fields like communication, transport, travel, living standards etc. which made the human civilization happy. On the other hand discovery of nuclear power led to the advancements in the fields of destruction. Subsequently we started looking towards pigeons and doves symbolizing peace and harmony. It needs no introduction that pigeon and doves have been very much an integral part of our ancestors as well. This provides an indication about the visionary features passed on from the earlier times to give way for a new world order.Another intAnother interesting mythological instance having a vision of future can be cited in the Hindu epic Ramayana. It mentions Pushpak Viman, a chariot of flowers which used to fly in the sky as per the wishes of its master. Even if it can be termed a mythological story, it indicates about the formation of a vision about coming things, proved by the Wright brothers in the early 20th century. These flying machines are now being used for a variety of purposes. Underlining the important of what we call ‘myth’, Roland Berthes said that myth not an object, but it is a concept which naturalizes and transforms history in to nature. Today we use the aerial route not just for faster travel and transport, but we also use it for faster means of communication. Internet, one of key driving force behind the concept of global village is one such application of airwaves. Marshall McLuhan also conceptualized the idea when he came out with his book, ‘medium is the message’. This famous aphorism highlighted the importance that the communication medium has in making the process of communication more effective. Aircrafts, rocket, fax machine, cell phones, television, internet etc are just the extensions of such concepts.In fact, technology has been the driving force behind the manner in which living standards have gone up, wars are being fought, economic activities are taking place and of course the manner in which we interact with each other. On the one hand we talk about bridging the distances with the help of satellite communication, internet etc. but on the other hand further division of elementary particles is leading to us to an unknown territory of microns. Such a fusion is another important feature of the global village. The advancements in medical fields have helped in providing a longer life to the human beings. But it is equally true that today we have piled up huge nuclear arsenal as well, which is sufficient to decimate the entire civilization. This is another alarming feature of the new world order of the day.


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