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Write a 25 page essay on International Business and Terrorism in 21st Century. The incident of 9/11 which is the result of terrorism has changed the base of the present century and brought us to question what effects have itcaused Of course there have been numerous of negative and positive outcomes of 9/11 incident related to every day life such as difficulty for immigrants of different countries, but more serious affects can be seen in the international business sector, the effects are as same as damaging the base or foundation of a building which would change the entire structure, this exactly what happened in the world as the WTC fell. The economies of various countries have gone down, as the immediate reaction after the fuss was to put restrictions on the imports and making import substitution (promoting the products made by local companies rather than using exported ones) in United States which eventually resulted in loss of multinational companies who were previously making a lot of profitability, this was however anticipated that United States would it self not stop exporting as they had to rely a lot on to it, after the incident of WTC the inflation took place severely and suddenly and so many new sorts of policies were also formed which resulted in bankruptcy, loss and poor financial management of different sizable firms in the United States. In the present discussion I am going to put some light on all the related things happening to businesses and terrorists.President Bush has also paid billions to the United Nations to have a fight against terrorism, which is automatically ensuring us that a lot of money is being wasted in ending such operations, this has caused a lot of disturbance in the economy and it has turned the reaction into a chain, which means that a series of event happened to pursue the objective of eliminating terrorism, business is also one major part of it as country survives on business with other countries, United Nations has the power to accomplish the mission of eliminating terrorism as it can bring in other countries to work with United States as well. We can also say that because of the International Relations, the UN can more impressively bring in other countries to work closely with United States. The government of United States is also welcoming any such offers from the other countries ensuring their willingness to fight against terrorism. However there can be arguments that the money was not wasted as I mentioned earlier that if some action would not have been taken than the terrorists might have kicked us out of our homes, this entire expenditure has ensured us a much secured place to live which was not possible if the terrorists would not have been stopped.


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