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Write a 16 page essay on Human Behavior Master. The first, and the older, advertisement is from a time that is beyond the known world of public internet, information technology and globalization. The world of that era was much more confined within its culture than today. This advertisement has a thorough caption. It states, “Swatch watch: Spirited gathering takes time to probe meaning of equinox. Finding none, they party.” There is almost a narrative context to this advertisement. It tells a story. It refers to the younger generation and induces them to have fun and party. Clearly, the basic audience of this advertisement is the younger generation. The characters are all clad in local dresses that are familiar to the day-to-day cultural life of the audience. The indication is sporty and very young. As per the narration, there is also a bedtime story to tell. However, this was the time before the popularity of Latino culture and the abstract world of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.In recent years with the development of the concept of global village, hybridization is fast becoming the order of the day. In this concept, it becomes necessary for an industry to meet the needs of both local and global market all at the same time. Moreover, no industry is a better example meeting this dual market at one given period than the advertisement industry to ascertain a formulation of this phenomenon of globalization and hybridization.The new Swatch advertisement can be well emulated as a prime example of globalization and hybridization in a market where the maxim is to go beyond the parameters of the local market structure and capture the global audience. Thus, it could narrate the aspect of the basic issue globalization and hybridization is but a two-way approach and where the basic maxims of capitalistic economy are taken into consideration at every step of formulating the strategies of marketing. It is obvious that the basic impetus of any business is to deal with the principals of profit and the methods of maximization of profit margin. Nevertheless, they remained focused mainly in the aspects of corporate issues and social context. It is true that globalization actually means the broadening of global linkages, while also impacting upon the social and cultural dimensions of the global society, hence propagating a one-world-citizenship which has one economy, one culture and one social order. Ecumenically globalization’s definition would be complete with the above classifications. But there are many inroads in the understanding of the term. This is the process with which the poor countries can think of modernization and global competition, enhanced living standards, and work opportunities. on the other hand this very same process is the one which can destroy economies by sudden influx of foreign capital, can destroy marginalized workers livelihood and destabilize national banks. Hence, globalization literally is like a coin – with two very separate sides. The new audience of Swatch has changed in accordance to the changing cultural norms and has taken liking towards anything exotic- be it less known culture or philosophy. This way cultures change and it changes the population that once was native to it.


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