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Write a 10 page essay on Psychoanalysis. It, however, rarely worked.The United States had its own research facilities although there were discussions with Europe in almost every field of research. When Freud set foot in the United States, it was grappling with its psychological cases with the somatic treatment known then. Psychological disorders were sought to be rectified with medications and physical surgery. Psychoanalysis as a new branch was unknown in the United States. For the subject to be introduced to the Americans, it had to be addressed to them by no less than the founding father of psychoanalysis. It was not so easy to get Sigmund Freud for the purpose of disseminating the subject to the United States. However, they ultimately did get him. What followed was a sea change among the American psychologists thinking and approach to the whole issue of psychology and psychological disorders (Judith Freiin von Falkenhausen).The treatment to mental illness depended on the somatic system of setting it right through the physical realm. In those days, the physique was considered the origin for cure of all manner of illness. Very little or no attention was paid to the mental aspect of the problem. The somatic style worked on the assumption that all psychological illnesses were either rooted in organic ailments or hysterical in nature and had to be treated solely on the basis of their symptomsThe emotion of the patient was not considered significant approach for the purpose of cure. The emotion was more of display to see if cure took place or not at the end of the treatment. That the emotions can be used as source for cure did not particularly strike anyone in the psychologist fraternity in the United States.The concentration for cure of the mentally ill was on the physical body and the brain. The high rate of failures did little to encourage changes in the treatment. Preoccupation with the physical aspect provided the researchers little opportunity to explore the wider realms that psychoanalysis offered. The attributes of social norms and values that many times played causative role to the illness did not figure in the line of treatment. Social norms depended on the emphasis on civilized morality. The concept of Puritanism was at odds with any form of treatment that even appeared to counter its ideals. Society did not have any alternative. Social environment lacking facilities for cure of mental illness consciously or unconsciously played debilitating role.Well meaning neurologists transferred mental illness from the realm of insanity to uncontrolled sickness. But that is as far as they could go. However, there was the urge to seek changes. The conventional medicine was not working and the sickness was not hereditary in most cases.


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