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Write 5 page essay on the topic Critical Theory of International Relations and Neorealism. Neorealism show the triumph of social control and structure in defining international relations. The international structure provides a constraint on state actions and although essentially the international structure is decentralised and anarchic, states strive for survival, security and balance of power (Dougherty 2001). Neorealism thus emphasises structural constraints over social perceptions and collective motivations and is more constrained in its explanations of IR. On the other hand, critical theories of international relations would focus on a critical study of IR which would emphasise on origin, development and nature of historical structures of IR. Critical theories of international relations are oriented to critiquing and changing society considering wide perspectives derived from Kantian and Marxian traditions which aim to consider historical and social perspectives within a theory. According to Marxist theories, capital accumulation and explanation of international systems on the basis of such integrated capiatlist approaches is at the focus of socialist concerns. Marxist theories see colonialism as a method of capital accummulation as captive markets show new forms of dependence on more developed countries. Marxist theories suggest that developed countries penetrate developing countries with missionaries, military power, multinational companies and political advisors to integrate these economies into a larger capitalist system. Within the context of developing societies being exploited considering their markets, natural resoruces and raw materials, Marxist theories also use the concept of social class with individuals comprising of the higher class of society being exploitative of the lower class using the sole aim of capital accumulation (Linklater 1990, Burchill 1996). Another critical theory would be social constructivism which gives an epistemological dimension to postpositivist theories and lies in between positivist and postpositivist perspectives. Social constructivism focuses not on the economic aspects, unlike Marxism but on the theory of social ideas or perception showing that international structure constitutes identities and interests of state. The focus of social constructivism is on the state and actions of the state and as constructvism suggests that views and ideas are constructed, social constructivism deals with human experience and social perception. Social constructivism is of the contention that all knowledge of reality including race and gender are actively created by social relationships and interactions and that all meaning are derived from social structures (Brown, 2001, Taylor 1978). The emphasis is thus on society, social meaning and social activity giving meaning to social interactions and reality.


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