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Write 20 page essay on the topic Pilots Flying Fatigued Alertness in the Skies. A National Transportation Safety Board safety study of U.S. major air carrier accidents attributed to flight crew error from 1978 to 1990 found that in half of the flights crews had been awake for more than 12 hours prior to their accidents.”Crews comprising captains and first officers whose time since awake was above the median for their crew position made more errors overall and significantly more procedural and tactical decision errors” (Strauss, 2007). Fatigue has significant physiological and performance consequences. It is essential that all flight crewmembers remain aware and play their role in flight safety by their observations and actions. As fatigue is a safety concern, this discussion will describe the symptoms of fatigue along with its physical and psychological effects specific to airline pilots.Looking into the factor of pilot fatigue and how it affects the aviation industry in the short and long runs is the concern of this study. The paper will research on the extent of fatigued pilots flying in the skies and the hazards it poses to consumers and the aviation industry in general. Factors that lead to this problem and possible solutions will also be discussed.The study will contribute to a better understanding of the risks the aviation industry is facing when pilots fly their airplanes under fatigued conditions. It is important that consumers have closer insights on the limitations of the pilot. Airline owners need to get a better view of pilots as a special human resource with tremendous roles and responsibility. Knowing what causes fatigue will effectively give solutions to problems that can directly be attributed to pilots flying planes under stressed conditions. Pilot fatigue is a national interest in so much as it is the concern of airline clients and owners. Safety in the skies is a multi million dollar industry because besides human lives, transport goods using airplanes has developed ways of business and lifestyles. Disruption does not only cause delays but also loss of business. The study will therefore contribute to the growing research that is urgently needed by regulating bodies. “The National Transportation Safety Board has cited fatigue as a factor in more than 20 aviation accidents. As a result, addressing the issue of pilot fatigue has been on the NTSB’s Most Wanted Safety Improvement List for almost a decade.In order to address the issue of pilot fatigue, the FAA does have regulations in place that limit pilots’ hours of service. In addition, since December 1995, the FAA has been working on updating and improving the Federal regulations limiting pilots’ flight time. The FAA wants to incorporate the latest research on fatigue into regulations, as well as simplify existing rules, making it easier to respond to changing business practices in the aviation industry.” (House of Representatives Report, 1999)Studies help private entities and public officials appreciate the effectiveness of existing laws and regulations. However, studies help improve existing regulations that can prevent accidents from happening. In a fast paced environment where people and machines continuously attain twenty-four hour by seven-day operations, studies like this will share valuable information.


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