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Write 10 page essay on the topic The Mystery Of Pyramids. Pyramids are mysterious in all the aspects they reveal. the enormous sizes, the greatness, the artifact, the architecture and the life after death. The most important aspect that inspires awe in the Egyptian pyramids are the existence of mummies that are still extant in the world, after so many years have passed since then. The perfect shape of pyramids also manifests an array of historical expertise and efforts exerted by the laborers. As the people started building pyramids, they got perfect in the art. This paper examines the history of pyramid construction, the perfection of this art as well as the beliefs of people behind the pyramid building. It also probes into the belief of Egyptian people concerning the life after death.The Egyptian pyramids reflect the testimony of a whole civilization that existed in the world about 5000 years ago. These pyramids were mostly built during the fourth dynasty of the Old Kingdom of Egypt, which happened to be one of the modern dynasties of its time. At that time, the rulers in Egypt were known as “Pharaoh” i.e., the king. Egypt was a civilization where people staunchly believed in eternity, in the concept of life after death. Pyramids, as they continue to withstand the test of time, are evidence to the fact that Egyptians wanted their kings to exist for eternity so that every one in the kingdom could be assured of perpetuation of their life after death (Ancient Egypt, home 1)All the Egyptian pyramids were built in typically the same standard form. These pyramids had the same sort of passages and chambers for the King as well as the people of his family and court. The tombs of these people surrounded the Kings’ pyramids in the same manner throughout the Egyptian pyramid era. The passages and ways under the ground were constructed in the standardized vein during the periods of all the Egyptian Kings. However the size varied due to the ability and expertise of Egyptian people in building such huge monuments that marked the history of Egyptian civilization capturing the interest and awe for the world, generation after generation (The Built of Egyptian Pyramids). There exist about hundred pyramids in Cairo the Egyptian capital, however the ones at Giza happen to be the mysterious of all with respect to their size as well as their reflection of early Egyptian life. These pyramids of Giza also referred to as the Great pyramids, are popular even today due to the mysteries they unfold regarding the ancient Egyptian livelihood (The Pyramids Of Egypt). The History Of Egyptian PyramidsPyramids have a mysterious history signifying the early Egyptian norms and beliefs concerning death and life after death. Before pyramids, the Egyptian people used to build stone graves and monuments with desert soil and stones. The first ever pyramid was the pyramid with steps constructed at Saqqara for King Zoser in 2750 BC (Ancient Egypt, home 1). The step pyramids were built with no experience and expertise of people in the construction work. Hence, the variation in shapes and designs of pyramids continued perpetually in the successive eras reflecting the yearning of Egyptians for something great that could keep their kings alive through the eternity. And that was specifically true of these pyramids.


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