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Tom’s company has projected net income per share for this yearat $3.80 pershare.It has traditionally paid out a dividend of 45% of its net income.Incomeand dividends have been growing at a rate of 8% per year.The equity discountrate for comparable companies is 13%.a.What is the projected dividend for next year?b.What is the current value of the stock using the Dividend Discount Model?2.Tom’s company decides to reduce its dividend rate to 40%, and expects that thegrowth rate will increase as a result of the higher retained earnings to 9% per year.a.What is the new projected dividend for next year?b.What is the new stock value?3.Bill’s company has a ROE of 18%.a.What will be its estimated growth rateif it has a dividend payout ratio of60% ?b.Ifthe company decreases the dividend payout ratio to 50%, what will bethe new estimated growth rate?4.Jake’s company will have earnings per share of $5.00 this year. It pays a dividendequal to 35% of net income.It is expecting that income and dividends will growby 25% next year and 20% the year after.Then it is expecting to return to itshistorical growth rate of 8% per year. The relevant discount rate is 15%a.What are the projected level of dividends for in years 1,2 and 3i.D1=ii.D2=iii.D3=b.What is the value of the stock in year 2?c.What is the value of the stock today?5.David’s company has EBITDA of $370 million.It has outstanding debt of $670million.It is industry has typically displayed a Value /EBITDA ratio of between5x and 6x EBITDA.If David’s company has 20 million shares outstanding, whatis the estimate of the per share value of the company?


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