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Vidhya Bhushan Mishra. This is 4-6 pages, excluding cover page nd references
A genogram is a picture display of an individual’s
family relationships and medical history. It helps a person visualize the
heredity patterns that may predispose him or her to certain chronic illness and
psychological factors. Genograms can serve as a quick and useful reference to
evaluate health risk. The knowledge of diseases and conditions that occur
within a family can provide useful information that may aid in a swift,
accurate diagnosis and treatment of health problems. A genogram can contain a
wealth of information on the families represented. It will show the names of
people who belong to a particular family lineage and how those relatives are
related to each other. The symbols included in a genogram are the date of birth
and the date of death, with the name of the individual underneath. The inside
of the symbol will hold the person’s current age. This diagram can also depict
social and emotional relationships. Refer to examples of genograms in your
reading and in this guide.
Working with the individual and family from last week,
assess the individual’s health history and create a genogram of at least three
generations. After the genogram image is created, provide a summary of your
assessment findings regarding health problems, patterns of diseases or
behaviors that impact health, and possible genetic or hereditary health
problems. Additionally, document the findings of a comprehensive health and
wellness assessment of one member of the family.
Assignment Guidelines
For this assignment, you will develop a genogram of a
family and a comprehensive health and wellness assessment on one of the family
members. Include the following:
The genogram should include 3 generations.
Click here to read directions to gain an understanding
of how to create the genogram.
Document the findings of a comprehensive health and
wellness assessment of one member of the family.
Use this Genogram Example and Instructions to complete
the assignment.
Provide a summary of your findings, including health
and behavioral patterns and possible genetic or hereditary health problems.
Provide a summary of your findings of a comprehensive
health and wellness assessment of one member of the family.
You must save and submit your assignment as a PDF or
Word document. Do not save your document in the template program.
Click here for additional information about genogram
development in Word.
Write a paper of 4–6 pages, excluding the title and
reference pages. Please click into this APA Style for CTU Students link for
help with APA formatting. Use the CTU Writing Style Guide (templates provided),
not the Introductory Writing Style Guide.


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