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TEST QUESTION: In your opinion, how is Joy Harjo’s life shaped and changed by the birth of her son in her book Brave?
Remember: the test is open notes, open dictionary, open internet–so look up key words on if needed.
Remember: it’s crucial to weave in a variety of quotes and examples from the assigned reading for this week to support and defend your answer. Don’t just quote from one page or paragraph alone.
Remember: take a few minutes to brainstorm, outline, flowchart, and/or gather key quotes before you begin writing–so that you can answer the whole question quickly and completely in paragraph one.
FORMAT: Tests must be written in essay format – in complete sentences and paragraphs. However, no title, intro, or “conclusion” is needed. Just answer the question immediately. Typically answers vary between 3-6 paragraphs in length. No MLA citations or page number citations are required or expected.
QUESTION: Tests always pose just one big “opinion” question focused on the assigned reading for that week—to test your reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.
ANSWER: Tests have no “right” answer. Instead you must explain and support your own individual unique opinion. Successful answer combine brief quotes, analysis, and interpretation with clear step-by-step explanations.
START/END TIME: These tests can be taken anytime/anywhere — including days or even weeks in advance if you want to. The “official” due date is Friday midnight. The “unofficial” deadline is Sunday midnight of each week.
OPEN BOOK: Tests are open book, open notes, open dictionary, and even “open internet search” format. Bring your books and notes with you!
GRADING SCALE: Tests are graded on how well you explain and support your answer with brief quotes, examples, and logical explanations.
PROOFREADING COUNTS! Tests require careful proofreading: spelling, grammar, and punctuation all “count” and errors will be penalized.


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