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1 page outline
The paper grade is comprised of three separate portions.  The paper as a whole comprises 35% of your total grade on the course.
The first portion, which is worth 15% of the total paper grade, is a brief outline.  The outline must include a brief thesis paragraph outlining the topic you are writing about and your ultimate position on the topic. The outline must also include links to, or electronic copies of, at least THREE of the sources you intend to rely upon.  The outline will be due on December 1, 2020. Extensions will not be given. A failure to submit an outline will result in you losing 15% of the total grade on the paper. Also, failure to submit an outline may result in you losing points on the final paper. After all, if I have not approved your outline, you run the risk of writing a paper that is completely beyond the specific prompts I have provided, which in turn means you will just be wasting your time.
The second aspect of the paper involves the actual writing of it, which comprises 65% of the total paper grade.  THIS IS DUE ON January 4, 2020.  Student will be graded on content (i.e breadth of the research and quality of the argument) as well as on the overall quality the writing. Incoherent prose will result in a loss of points.  People judge you by the way you communicate; whether in writing or orally.  I see no reason why students should not be judged on how they write as well. Besides, the more incoherent the prose, the more unlikely a reader is to understand the point buried beneath the morass.  The paper must be written in Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced lines. Failure to comply with these formatting guidelines will result in the loss of points.
The third aspect of the paper is an oral presentation, which comprises 20% of the total grade on the paper.  THIS WILL TAKE PLACE IN CLASS ON THE LAST DAY OF CLASS.  This portion will consist of a 10 minute oral presentation before the class in which you will discuss your research into your chosen topic, including methods of research and what your research revealed, as well as why you chose the topic over others, and your ultimate conclusion.  Students will not receive credit for merely reading their paper to the class.  The talk must be given with only one sheet of note or it may involve a PowerPoint production.  The oral presentation will be scheduled for the class on which the paper is due. Students must submit the paper BEFORE being eligible to deliver the oral presentation.
Paper Topics:
The paper must be written on one of the following topics:
1 End of the Filibuster
2 Congressional term limits
3 End of Presidential term limits
4 End of the electoral college and/or the adoption of the National Popular Vote Act
5 Judicial term limits and/or mandatory retirement age
Given that you are receiving the topic for the paper this early in the semester, there will be ABSOLUTELY NO EXTENSIONS GIVEN FOR ANY DEADLINE RELATED TO THE PAPER.  You should begin working on the paper NOW to avoid any unforeseen delays.
Work Cited
Your paper must include a bibliography portion that is not included in the total page requirement.  You can use any formatting you like (MLA, APA etc.) as long as you are consistent throughout and it is clearly conveys the nature and relevance of the source.  ANY AND ALL PRINT sources that you use (i.e. from a book or journal) must be provided to me when you submit the outline and when the final paper is submitted.  That means, you must copy any page of a book that you are citing to, scan that page and the cover page of the book, and send them to me in PDF format when you submit your outline AND final paper.
All students must provide me with links to the internet source being cited in the bibliography. 
5 pages are required. Bibliography is separate from the page count.


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