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On January 23, 2017 an amendment to the WTO Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) was passed. Five members of the WTO, creating the two-thirds requirement, passed an amendment to adapt the rules of the global trading system to better meet the health needs of people in poor countries. This amendment will give legal assurance that generic medicine can be exported at reasonable prices to the people of countries who have no or limited pharmaceutical production ability. This will help those dealing with diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and other health epidemics have access to the drugs that can managed or cure their conditions. (“World Trade Organization”, n.d.)       Although this amendment legally states that generic medications can be exported at reasonable prices to those in need, some experts believe this change alone will have limited impact without further action from the WTO. The organization needs to simplify the application, provide legal support to countries applying for aid, support the development of the low cost new drugs and require pharmaceutical manufacturers to become more transparent with their piece setting decisions. (“Trips”, n.d.)       The UN has defined 49 countries in Africa, Asia Pacific and the Caribbean as the least developed and without the resources required to produce much needed medications domestically, this new ruling will be life changing for so many. References:
TRIPS drug amendment a start. (n.d.). Retrieved April 09, 2018, from  (Links to an external site.)        2017/01/30/trips-drug-amendment-a-start-cmaj-109-5391/ WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION. (n.d.). Retrieved April 09, 2018, from https://  (Links to an external site.)




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