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Question: Write a four pages double space: About the difference between the “Aztec Civilization and the Mayan Civilization,” two pages in total 4 pages. Total credit (10) % Explain the differences of their work as a civilization in their structure as society, (the division among themselves), their work as individual and as well as a collective society their accomplishments in the architecture, as builders, and what construction has remained still standing until now Examples pyramids (in what places) in Mexico and Yucatan peninsula, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and San Salvador. Also, describes their accomplishment in the study of Astronomy, Agriculture, organization of their societies, their knowledge of their creation of the structure of the language. Their advance in Medicine, as well as their spiritual believes. The family life, the role of women in both civilizations, the education of children as well as their expansion in conquering new territories and also how they integrated other ethnic groups to enlarge their civilization. Finally which were their accomplishments in your own opinions.



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