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Question 1 (8 marks) Suppose University A sent out a survey in 2018 to a random sample of students in Australian campuses and collected various information of them, including gender. birthday, GPA. pulse rate, the child rank tickets, whether he/sh smoker or not, the mumber of hours sleep per day, region, whether ampus or not and whether he/she is over twenty years old The data is reported in the Survey.xlsx data file (1) What is the population University A is interested in? (1 mark) (2) Use Microsoft Excel to conduct and present the appropriate graphic and descriptive results on each of the following variables: GPA, Smoker and the child rank in the family, interpret and analyze these descriptive results, and prepare a summary report. (3 marks) (3) Suppose University A also conducted the same survey in 2017, the proportion of urban students was 0.15. They would like to know if this proportion has changed. You are required to (4 marks) Identify the appropriate test Establish the null and alternative hypotheses for this test Produce the test results using Microsoft Excel, interpret it and make a final conclusion Write a report on it Question 2 (12 marks) Suppose you want to rent a two-bedroom apartment in Sydney and are interested in two main suburbs (Suburb and Suburb 2). You determine to do a research, select a random sample and conduct quantitative analyses so that you can use conclusions to make the final decision. The following are two questions you want to examine: 1) whether the average rent in Suburb 1 (or Suburb 2) is significantly higher than S450 per week. 2) whether the average rent in Suburb is higher than that in Suburb 2 You are required to 1) 2) Randomly select a sample of 50 apartments in Suburb 1 and another 50 apartments in Identify populations you are interested in for each of the above two questions. Suburb 2 and record their rents. Thus, a total of 100 observations are recorded in your dataset 3) Based on the above sample you collected, produce results using Microsoft Excel, conduct your analyses following detailed steps for HYPOTHESIS TESTING AND ESTIMATION method and summarize your results in a report Note You need to replace Suburb 1 and Suburb 2 with real suburbs in Sydney, for example, NEW TOWN and HURSTVILLE . The rent information can be collected in the different real estate website (e.g ://www.reale au You need to identify the appropriate tests, establish null and altemative hypotheses, produce results, interpret and analyze your results based on appropriate statistics, and make a final conclusion. You need to submit your dataset together with your individual assignment.


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