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Potential areas or issues for research projects. Below are a few general areas of research that could be more fully explored or flushed out in developing a topic for group research papers. Consider each area and determine as a group whether you are interested in more fully exploring any one of the topics listed below. If either of the topics are of interest to your group, narrowly define or tailor the issue or topic from the list below and as a group write a hypothesis for your group’s research project. You are not limited or confined to a topic included on the below list. If none of the issue or topic areas below are of interest to you, then decide as a group what topic, issue or area of research you would like to be considered as your research project. Once you have identified a topic for your research project (whether it is from the below list, or something that is not on the list that your group would like to consider) select one member of your group as the group spokesman. Authorize that group spokesman to send me a message (via iLearn NOT email) and tell me the topic that your group intends to explore more fully for your research project. Make sure your group members are included on the message. Once you have narrowed the area for your research paper, AND AFTER YOU HAVE RECEIVED A CONFIRMATION FROM ME APPROVING THE RESEARCH TOPIC, please as a group begin developing your hypothesis. You are not constrained by the working hypothesis that you send to me. This is only a starting point for developing your research. You can continue to develop it more fully as your group collaborates. 

 1. Adapting Traditional Contract law to satisfy the demands of Electronic Contracts. Contract law is a specialized area of the law with a body of rules governing the formation and enforcement of contracts. These rules will vary depending on the subject matter of the contract and other things. Regardless, it is fundamentally true that the formation of a legally recognized contract requires an offer, acceptance, and consideration. There must be a meeting of the minds in order to form a contract. Some contracts, depending on their subject matter, are governed by specialized areas of contract law that address the specific needs of certain bargaining relationships. This is particularly true of commercial contracts, or contracts dealing with the purchase and sale of commercial goods by merchants. Not all contracts take place between parties within the United States. Outside the domestic arena, the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods may apply to the sale of goods between international parties. There is no special or uniform law governing “electronic contracts”. Yet, electronic contracts place certain constrains upon existing contract law and create the potential for problems in applying existing traditional contract law to electronic commerce. The new problem for courts facing electronic contract issues is becoming clear. On the one hand, a unique “law of electronic contracts” appears to be unnecessary and redundant, given the wealth of traditional contract law that exists, since fundamentally, the purposes of general contract law continue to apply to electronic transactions, and it appears unnecessary to reinvent contract law to achieve an identical result possible under current law. A specialized law of electronic contracts would add little to the existing law. On the other hand, the very nature of electronic contracts presents certain issues and questions that cannot be resolved entirely through the application of traditional contract law. Develop a testable hypothesis for resolving this dilemma between traditional contract law and electronic contracts. 

I need Title page, Abstract, Body with 800-1000 words, Pros and Cons, Conclusion and References.

Also with 24 slides of PowerPoint Presentation(do not include title slide and reference slide)


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