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Please respond to at least two other students. Responses should be a minimum of 150 words (for each).
Responses Due: Sunday, by 11:55pm ET  –   No credit given if not posted by deadline
Joseph Aliano
Good afternoon everyone, this forum topic is pretty interesting and I have actually given some good thought to this before. I believe it is important to understand why your enemy would choose a specific target and in order to do that you sometimes have to think like them. To that end I think that the target of choice that makes the most sense to spend the time and resources would be attacking a given countries financial markets. Think of the implication of that for a second. If a massive attack were to occur on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), how could investors ever hope to put their trust in the system ever again. That system makes the U.S. economy run at such a high rate and with the U.S. national debt at almost twenty trillion, there would be no way to recover from that kind of financial strain on U.S. markets. I believe this is why cyber security and even the U.S. military is really bolstering this new generation of cyber warriors to defend the United States critical infrastructure. In order for an attack of this scale to go off without a hitch the government hacking in question would need to come up with a plausible deniability plan so as to avoid going to war with the United States. They also would need the infrastructure and technology to be able to exploit and do the research needed before the attack to make sure that their hackers have the tools necessary to conduct a successful cyber strike on U.S. financial markets.
– Joe

Joshua Graupmann
For this week’s post I will be presenting from the point of view of a terrorist planning an attack on a fictitious country. As a terrorist, the purpose of any attack is two fold. First and foremost, a terrorist attempts to push their agenda. This could be attempting to get an occupying country to leave their country or region, it could be to establish their own government or country etc. The thing that makes a terrorist group a terrorist group is that their method of pushing their agenda is through the use of violence or the utilization of terror to garner enough attention in order to level a threat of continued violence or utilization of terror until their demands are met. The second reason for a terrorist to conduct an attack is to publicize themselves enough to gather support from those who oppose what the terrorist group attacks and be able to recruit those people. Because of these points, it would be more beneficial to enhance effectiveness and conduct the attack in a public enough way that they can use it to leverage the terror sown in the population that is under attack. The connectivity of the country under attack will play a large factor into target choice. If a country is as connected as the United States then something as public as the economic systems would be a great target as it can cause significant damage to both a government and its people. If a country is much less connected, such as North Korea, then, generally speaking, an attack would need to be aimed at the government, as the people of the country will be much less connected. In this case something targeting the governments communication system could cause enough panic in the structure to bring about the desired terror.
– Josh



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