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Please respond to at least two other students. Responses should be a minimum of 150 words(each) and include direct questions.
Responses Due: Sunday, by 11:55pm ET
Adrian Abille
Discuss the challenges in Homeland Security and beyond listed in the National Security Strategy (2017).
Border Control and Immigration Policy
One of the challenges that the President emphasized on his first national strategy document is strengthening our borders and reforming our outdated immigration policy. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen recently clarified that Border Security is Homeland Security, which is National Security during the President’s proclamation of allowing National Guard Soldiers to be deployed to the southern border. Drug traffickers, criminal cartels, and terrorists continuous to utilize our penetrable borders and threaten our national security and public safety. We understand the contributions that immigrants have made throughout our history, but illegal immigration burdens our economy, undercuts American workers, presents public safety risks, and embolden smugglers and future illicit actors. On the other hand, we will continue to reward lawful immigrants that poses no threats to our national security and is consistent with our national interest. The Trump administration raises the need for Congress to enhance the screening and vetting of travelers, revising outdated laws, closing dangerous loopholes, and eliminating easily exploited vulnerabilities. To strengthen our border, the administration promises the construction of a border wall, multilayered defense systems, employment of additional border patrol agents, and other measures. To strengthen our immigration policy, we will enhance our information collection systems to identify those who may or may not pose a threat to our national security, provide an effective deterrent to illegal immigration, and counter fraud in the immigration process.
Defeating Jihadist Terrorists
The threat from transnational jihadist terrorist organizations persist even after recent territorial defeat of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Jihadists are a threat to our national security because they advance a totalitarian vision for a global Islamist caliphate that justify slavery, murder, promote repression, and undermines the American way of life. Jihadists have used battlefields as testing grounds for terror and have exported tools and tactics to their followers. The Trump administration plans to counter jihadists by allowing the military to take direct action against terrorist networks; eliminate sanctuaries that provide operating grounds for terrorists, severe sources of strength, and establish shared responsibilities with our allied nations. Here at home, we need to combat radicalization and prohibit recruitment within our local communities. It is crucial that our federal intelligence agencies and homeland security operatives works with local law enforcement leaders on terrorism prevention and provide accurate information about radicalization within the local population
Trump, D. J. (2017). National Security Strategy. Washington, DC: The White House.

jacob mann
Discuss the challenges in Homeland Security and beyond listed in the National Security Strategy (2017). Are there other challenges that the US should address that are not included? If so, what are they?
The challenges listed in the National Security Strategy are divided in to four pillars which can describe the challenges that Homeland Security will face in the future. The first pillar being to protect the American people, the homeland, and the American way of life. Within this pillar the challenges faced are reinforcing our border to protect the American people from being attacked. Also in this pillar we face the challenge of attempting to find and prosecute cyber attackers that threaten our national security and infringe upon the freedoms of Americans by threatening their personal data protection.
The next pillar is to promote American prosperity. In this pillar we will focus on rejuvenating the American economy by attempting to stop outsourcing most of the products that we could simply make here in the United States. One of the challenges we have in this instance is competing with the cheaper products and labor that we can get from doing business and importing from overseas. This pillar will take a massive challenge to get the millionaires in the country to stop being greedy and to value the American job and culture instead of valuing the dollar.
The third pillar that will describe our challenges is preserve peace through strength. This pillar will focus on rebuilding our military and ensuring that our troops of every branch have the best technology and training in order to fight our nations wars and battles across the globe. Although some of the American population do not agree with what were are fighting for we will continue to take the fight to the enemy instead of allowing them on American soil to attempt to start a war.
The final pillar is “advance American influence because a world that supports American interests and reflects our values makes America more secure and prosperous. We will compete and lead in multilateral organizations so that American interests and principles are protected. America’s commitment to liberty, democracy, and the rule of law serves as an inspiration for those living under tyranny.” (Cordesman, 2017).
Cordesman, A. H. (2017, December 08). President Trump’s New National Security Strategy. Retrieved April 09, 2018, from


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