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Phillips 66 announced that the next annual dividend will be $1.75 a share, and that all dividendsafer that will decrease by 1.5 percent annually. What is the maximum amount anyone shouldpay to purchase a share oF this stock today iF one requires a 13 percent rate oF return?2.IF bond’s coupon rate is 7 percent and its yield to maturity is 9 percent which oF the Following istrue?3.A Group 1 AutomoTve bond is quoted at a price oF $1,031.60 and carries a 6.20 percent coupon.±he bond pays interest semiannually. What is the current yield on one oF these bonds?4.Lowe’s Companies, Inc. just paid an annual dividend oF $3.10 a share and is expected to increaseby 4 percent per year. IF you are planning to buy 1,000 shares oF this stock next year, how muchshould you expect to pay per share iF the market rate oF return For this type oF security is 12percent at the Tme oF your purchase?5.A ²rm has an issue oF $1,000 par value bonds with an 8 percent stated interest rate outstanding.±he issue pays interest annually and has 20 years remaining to its maturity date. IF bonds oFsimilar risk are currently earning 11 percent, the ²rm’s bond will sell For ________ today.6.A bond will sell ________ when the stated rate oF interest exceeds the required rate oF return,________ when the stated rate oF interest is less than the required return, and ________ whenthe stated rate oF interest is equal to the required return.7.What is the approximate yield to maturity For a $1,000 par value bond selling For $1,120 thatmatures in 6 years and pays 12 percent interest annually?8.A ²rm has an issue oF preFerred stock outstanding that has a par value oF $100 and a 5%dividend. IF the current market price oF the preFerred stock is $62.50, the yield on the preFerredstock is9.A ²rm has experienced a constant annual rate oF dividend growth oF 9 percent on its commonstock and expects the dividend per share in the coming year to be $2.70. ±he ²rm can earn 12percent on similar risk involvements. ±he value oF the ²rm’s common stock is ________.10. DE³ CorporaTon stock currently sales For $26.50 per share. Earnings next year are expected to be$3 per share and is esTmated to pay a $1 dividend. ±he P/E mulTple is 12 Tmes on average.What price would you expect For DE³’s stock in the Future?11. Custom Machinery, Inc. expects a dividend next year oF $4.80 per share, their growth rate oFdividends is 9 percent, and their required return oF 19 percent. ±he value oF a share oF CustomMachinery’s common stock isYou are planning to purchase the stock of Jim’s Garage Company and you areexpecting it to pay a dividend of $2 in 1 year, $2.75 in 2 years, and $5.00 in 3



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