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Performance scores are used to estimate the ability of an employee to perform certain tasks as directed. There are two methods that are used to estimate the overall score of the employees, which are the judgmental and mechanical methods. This paper will discuss the implication the implication of the two approaches and also explain the superiority of the mechanical method over judgmental approach. Judgmental methods involve assessing the performance of the employees by looking at every aspect of their performance then draw a defensible conclusion (Han, 2017). This method is appropriate while assessing and evaluating performance with intangible measurements. Mechanical approach, on the other hand, involves assigning scores to each segment of the performance appraisal, and then summation is done to obtain overall score. Based on the discussion above it is clear that the two methods are likely to produce different overall performance score, this could have various implications on several aspects of the organization, including how the goals are set, how the rewards and bonuses are allocated and also how promotions are rewarded. Since judgmental evaluation approach is based on personal opinion, it might give a lower score to a highly performed employee; this could be detrimental to their future performance. The reason why the mechanical approach is considered to be superior to judgmental methods is because it is fair and more accurate. Judgmental approach is less objective as it relies on personal views and the ability of the evaluator to provide scores. It is usually difficult to provide accurate scores best on personal views, this is because people have different personalities on what they like or dislike. Mechanical method, on the other hand, is more appropriate as it depends on weights of each performance dimension evaluated.ReferenceAguinis, H. (2009). Performance management. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.Han, T. (2017). Scores Assigned by Inexpert EFL Raters to Different Quality EFL Compositions, and the Raters’ Decision-Making Behaviors. International Journal of Progressive Education, 13(1), 136-152.Questions :1- according to the essay as you see above apply what you learned from this activity to some aspect of your life you haven’t yet considered ?2- what are the disadvantages of judgmental method in the performance appraisal ?3-why do most organizations prefer mechanical method in the performance rating process?Note:-Answer One paragraph for each question .All the answers should be in the same word file no need for references-Make sure that there is no plagrasim write the answer in your own words



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