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Need help with my Management question – I’m studying for my class.***This is my current project right below this. Questions are followed right after***Just a couple of weeks ago I was paired with a learning manager to help with a training project. We are brainstorming and designing new ways to make training for new managers at my job more effective and an all around more enjoyable and more enjoyable. My current company is Amazon working as an Area Manager.Have you identified all the stakeholders? Who else could this project impact?
The stakeholders are the learning team, new and current managers, warehouse associates and the customers. 2.What are some strength-based mechanisms for getting input from stakeholders?At my company we rely heavily on surveys because they are really fast, convenient, and they can be submitted anonymously if the person who is taking the test wants their identity to be complete. All new managers go through something called AD1 currently which is a week of new hire training that consists of a lot of seminars and chime meetings that allow for space to voice any concerns or any questions that someone would like to be addressed. 3.What about the under-represented voices? How will you engage them?Another thing that we do at my company is something called “Round Tables” which is essentially is a Virtual(for time-being) meeting between multiple individuals with the General Manager and HR BPs included. They are kind of as a safety net. They allow for transparent conversations in order to get raw and true feedback about how the company is doing all around. I have participated in quite a few of them and they have been really helpful. Any concern that I have expressed, has been addressed immediately.Please assist with the following question and incorporate this into a 1-2 page APA style paperRead the article, “Stakeholder Analysis: Winning Support for Your Projects (Links to an external site.)”
Then identify a project in your current work where you need to identify your stakeholders.
Next, complete the Stakeholder Analysis using the, Mindtools Stakeholder Analysis App (Links to an external site.).
Once you have completed steps 1, 2, and 3, write a 1-2 page reflection. Reflections should answer at least 2 of the bulleted items below.Have you identified all the stakeholders? Who else could this project impact?
What are some strength-based mechanisms for getting input from stakeholders?
What about the under-represented voices? How will you engage them?
Requirements: 1-2 pages   |   .doc file


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