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Need an argumentative essay on Social Work Ethics. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. Social workers during their course of duty works with families, individuals and various groups in different settings and venues. For instance, daycare centres offices within the neighbourhood, the service user’s houses, and residential homes. The social worker can also offer their services in health facilities schools, prisons, community centres and law courts, (Dienhart, John William 1999).A service user is the person who receives the help or assistance of the social worker. As described above, the service user can be based anywhere and mainly falls within the category of the disadvantaged or offenders in the society. The social worker works to correct their behaviour, protect them or even assisting the service user to attain higher health standards a decent living, (Burton, Lloyd 1987).The Social Services Council in Scotland is a public body that is non-departmental. The responsibilities and functions of this body are stipulated very clearly in the Scotland Regulation of Care precisely in Act 2001.The public of Scotland has very high expectations of the people working and serving the boards of respective public bodies. They have guidelines on the general conduct that they must adhere to when working for the public body.It is the responsibility of every social worker to observe the prescribed code of conduct as stipulated. The workers as a matter of duty must comply with the code and also review their personal circumstances regularly, at least annually and in most cases when there is a change of circumstances. It is prohibited for the social worker at any given time to encourage or advocate any behaviour or action that is contrary to the stated code of conduct, (Dienhart, John William 1999).The development of the code is based on the core principles as laid out in section 2. Additional information and explanation on the interpretation of the principles as well as their practical application. There is no way that any code can be able to provide and cater adequately for all the circumstances. The council therefore in addition issues guidelines for purposes of clarity. For any cases of uncertainty on the applicability of the set rules, a social worker in Scotland is often advised to consult and solicit for assistance and advice from legal adviser of the council. It is not out ruled that a worker in the council may also seek the advice of a personal legal adviser or a different relevant professional for the detailed and specialized advice. (SSSC, 2006).Any employee of the Scottish Social Services council must attain and process the following important principles upon which the prescribed code of conduct is founded.Public service. at all times the worker has to act in the best interest of the Scottish council and as required by the key duties of the council.Selflessness. It is a duty of the worker to make any tangible decisions to the best interest of the public. No decisions or actions must be taken in order to make any financial gain or benefit materially for family members, friends or personal gains.Integrity. The worker can not involve himself or herself in any obligation such that the deal may be considered to influence the workers performance.Objectivity. when conducting public business, the social worker must make decisions on merit.Accountability and stewardship.


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