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In Unit 3 you interviewed two professionals about inclusivity and diversity in their professional settings. For this assignment, you will report on what you learned from those interviews, analyze your findings, and apply what you learned to your own professional setting.
Assignment Instructions
Create a paper comprising 3–4 pages of content plus title and reference pages. In your own words, develop headings for each bullet point and organize your responses under the appropriate headings. An efficient approach is to use level 1 APA-formatted headings for this purpose, with additional headings at lower levels as needed. A template that contains appropriate headings is provided for your use. Use of the template is optional but strongly recommended. Include the following:
A background statement. Briefly describe the two professionals you interviewed (work setting; years of experience in their professions; diversity of those to whom they provide services: students, clients, and so on; and any other information that you think is necessary for a reader to gain a basic understanding of the interviewees and their roles).
A description of how the interviewees characterize the current state of inclusivity and diversity in their settings. Specifically identify and give a brief description (several sentences) of at least two key issues related to inclusivity and diversity discussed by the interviewees.
A description of strategies the interviewees use for creating inclusive environments. Identify and give a brief description (one or two sentences) of at least two specific strategies that the interviewees discussed.
A description of strategies the interviewees use for demonstrating respect toward and valuing students or clients from diverse backgrounds. Identify and describe briefly (four–six sentences) at least two specific strategies that were cited by the interviewees.
An analysis of how well the interviewees are creating inclusive environments for all students or clients. Which respondent do you believe is more proficient at this skill? Assess the evidence you have to support this view. Focus on the actual strategies the interviewees use and how effectively they use them versus what they could do under different circumstances. Then, make an overall statement about which interviewee is more proficient at creating an inclusive environment.
Conclusions or big ideas you drew about inclusivity and diversity from your interviews. Use information given by the interviewees and summarize it into at least two big ideas.
An application of these big ideas to your own professional setting. Identify strategies you can use to apply these big ideas in your own setting to promote valuing of diversity and describe them briefly.


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