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In this Assignment, you will prepare an instructional report.Janet and Johnny Jones own the Little Country Store just outside of town. Their daughter, Johnnie Leigh, has just taken over the management of the store and implemented a new network. The store is located in a heavily visited tourist area, and Johnnie Leigh has noticed that many of the customers visiting the store are from other countries. She would like to capitalize on this aspect of the business by encouraging people visiting from other countries to visit the store’s website prior to traveling to the states or sharing with their friends and family at home after they visit.Prepare a report explaining what some of the issues are that Johnnie Leigh might encounter when marketing in other countries. (Remember that your response should be related to information systems and computing.)TaskPrepare an informational report that explains the issues that Johnnie Leigh should consider when considering the global aspects of her network. Your report should address the following topics:List at least three effects IT has had on globalization. Remember to define globalization in your response.
Explain at least two examples that relate to each of the effects of globalization you discussed in response to the preceding question (total of six examples).
Describe how an understanding of the values and buying habits of different cultures will affect the way Johnnie Leigh uses technology to promote the business to new and diverse customers from other countries.
Remember to cite your sources! You should use no fewer than three sources in your response.
Some things you might want to consider in your discussion includeCreativity and innovation
Diverse knowledge
The ability to compete
Enterprise skills
Ethical concerns
When answering these questions, remember to explain each topic thoroughly. Give examples where appropriate. Use a minimum of two sources other than your book. Remember to cite your sources.Please answer all six questions with a minimum response of a 100 words per question.1.Choose an industry that has undergone tumultuous change due to digitization. What were the effects of moving to the digital age? How has the industry changed to adapt? What steps can be taken to keep the industry competitive and profitable in the information age?2.Whats are the perks of online banking vs, local banking and which one would you prefer? Explain why?3. What do you think about The electronic arts Inc. company? What can they do to continue growth?4.Conduct a web search on “The best and worst PowerPoint presentations” using your favorite search engine (e.g., Google). Give two reasons why this website was your choice of either the best or the worst PowerPoint presentation and discuss what should or should not be done when creating a PowerPoint presentation.5. How can you spot a bad PowerPoint Presentation versus what a good one look like?6. What should you avoid an order to ensure a great PowerPoint presentation?
Requirements: .doc file


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