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I’m working on a management question and need support to help me understand better.Week 7 Discussion Environmental IssuesRespond to the specific questions posed in the discussion.
Be sure to base your initial post and responses on course materials, and use 7th ed. APA citations in every post.
Post your responses over three days and you respond to more than two students to receive full credit for frequency of participation.
Write clearly and proofread; errors can lose you points.
Quality of posts, citations, frequency, and timeliness of posts all factor into your discussion grade. See the Participation Grading Rubric for details.
Discussion InstructionsPlease refer to the Discussion Grading Rubric and the module for details regarding how your performance will be assessed. NOTE: Please be certain to read the entire discussion assignment since in some cases there is more than one question to discuss, respond to, or address. Be sure that you have answered the entire question!Initial PostThis posting should answer the requirements using the course materials from the week’s reading (not external source material) to support the ideas presented. If you are uncertain as to how to support the ideas presented, go to Content and view the module, Learn How to Support What You Write.It is important to write concisely, provide the chapter title, chapter heading. Include in-text citations and a reference in a reference list. To see how to cite the eBook, go to Content and view the module, Learn to Use APA. The citation and reference information is on the right-side of the screen.Week 7:Theme 1: Ethical Issues Related to the EnvironmentThe Business Ethics Workshop (2012) Washington, DC: The Saylor FoundationChapter 14: The Green Office: Economics and the Environment (pages 627-664)
What is Environmental History
Environmental Ethics?
Perdue Farms Changes Rules for Chicken Care
When some US firms move production overseas, they also offshore their pollution
Fracking Is Dangerous To Your Health — Here’s Why
Global Scarcity: Scramble for Dwindling Natural Resources
The Needs of 7 Billion People
Deforestation: Facts, Causes & Effects
Environmental Racism
Theme 2: Sustainable Business PracticesStepping Towards Sustainable Business: An Evaluation of Waste Minimization Practices in US Manufacturing
A Corporate Model of Sustainable Business Practices
Environmental Sustainability in Business
For DiscussionPart of this week’s reading focused the environment aspect of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Would organizations really be paying attention to CSR if customers, and federal and state agencies weren’t forcing them to? Why or why not? Would the CSR policies of an organization influence your decision to use its products or services? Why or why not? This week’s reading also focused on global scarcity and increased population growth and the impact of both. If a carbon-offset project is already profitable, is it ethical to provide credits over and above those profits? Why or why not? Consider the company you currently work for (or one you have worked for in the past). What initiatives could it start to be more socially responsible? How would you propose such changes?Rubric Assessment: CriteriaInitial Responses: Thoroughly uses required course materials and research/scenario (if required) to post discussion response that correctly answers the discussion question(s), and demonstrates strong connections between the weekly concept(s) and research/scenario explaining the ‘why and how’ and includes examples, application, etc.Writing: Contributes to discussion with clear and concise comments that are style appropriate, rich in vocabulary and excellent use of grammar, punctuation & few spelling errors.APA: Excellent use of APA. In-text citations are correctly used when source materials are used. Reference list matches in-text citations, few errors are present. Requirements: 1 – 1 1/2 pages   |   .doc file


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