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I’m working on a english question and need a sample draft to help me study.” (Links to an external site.)What to know about the violent Charlottesville protests and anniversary rallies. (Links to an external site.)” ABC News, August 8, 2018.
“The Foot Soldier of Birmingham (Links to an external site.).” Season 2, Episode 4 of Revisionist History. (Malcolm Gladwell podcast)
(Links to an external site.)”Removing Confederate Statues Isn’t Sanitizing History—It’s Fumigating History (Links to an external site.),” by Charles Pierce. Esquire, August 17, 2017.
Read the articles and listen to the podcast (see links below). For your reading response, write at least three (3) paragraphs inspired by this topic. They should total at least 300 words. Here are some ideas–but you are encouraged to think independently:Why are public statues and memorials erected in the first place, and what do they really represent? What were the intentions of those who ordered them, created them, paid for them?
Why do some people want to preserve certain statues and memorials, and why do others call for their removal? How do monuments of all kinds relate to visions of both the past and the future? Do these monuments mean today what they meant years ago? Who gets to decide what history is told, and how it is told? How do we know when we should revise the way we remember our history?
Now do your own research. You must cite (include links) to at least two other sources of information in your response. These may be news articles, essays, academic material, images, videos–any medium that contains ideas and information that you critically examine and utilize. Incorporate at least one (1) direct quote in your response from the teaching panel readings or the research sources you find. Cite the source.I want to see you apply your ideas. I want you to find other examples of statues, memorials, museums, murals–any public form of encoding history and values–and analyze it. I love examples from countries outside the U.S. I encourage you to discuss a specific statue or monument from your country. Requirements: .doc file


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