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I’m working on a English exercise and need support.Read the story that I’m gonna attached and use this thesis :The events that took place between Jake and Mariana in “Love in L.A” by “Gilb” is absolutely metaphor and describe how modern relation ships are fallacious and greedy,it starts and made up on lies ,Jake is thinking how to get her number, and thinking about his freedom ,and Mariana who needs Jake’s insurance to repair her car.NOTE: This is the question of the essay that you need to reed it and talk about it “Discuss the story “Love in L.A” as a metaphor for modern love”NOTE IMPORTANT : Write an essay of about five hundred and seventy-five words on ONE of the questions below. BE SURE to double space your paper. Put a heading with your name and page number on every page. On the first page, put your course number and the assignment number. Use a title, too. Also, make sure you have a recognizable thesis statement and that your supporting/body paragraphs actually support your thesis. Avoid reliance on summary. In this regard, assume that your reader knows the story well. Thus, you don’t need to retell the story or even parts of it. Your job is to interpret, analyze, or place in context the story’s various elements. In doing so, a single supporting paragraph might contain details from many places in the text. Too many students go through the story from beginning to end, letting the story’s order dictate the order of their essays. This writing strategy is usually not very productive. Use paragraph or line numbers in parentheses to indicate where your evidence comes from. If you don’t have such numbers, don’t use any. And don’t be afraid to paraphrase or use quotes to back up what you say. In fact, I’d like you to use at least two quotes in each of your body paragraphs from whatever story you are writing on.Also, the five-hundred-and-seventy-five word length is not an absolute standard. It’s a guideline to help you judge how long of an essay you need. If you’ve got a good five hundred and twenty-five words, that will be okay. But if you’ve only got four hundred words, that’s not enough. In a like manner, six hundred and twenty-five words is an acceptable number, but you should not have too many more than that. ALSO, don’t pad with useless repetition a three-hundred-word essay to give me five hundred and seventy-five words. Instead, rewrite the three hundred words to make it a strong, but longer essay. And don’t arbitrarily cut your writing off if you’ve got more to say. Instead, if your essay is too long, edit it carefully to take out unnecessary material. The key point is to flesh out your ideas and make every word a good one.Note: I’m gonna attached a video plz watch it and make like what he said Requirements: 19hr


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