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I’m trying to study for my Marketing course and I need some help to understand this question.With the excerpt below, Suggest another technique that may assist them in promoting their brand. Explain why it might be useful in 200 words. Social selling and consistent branding are methods that can make a company appear as an expert in their field which can lead to more efficient selling. Social selling is different from traditional and blunts forms of selling (such as cold calling) due to the emphasis on creating genuine relationships with customers instead of a sales pitch (Newberry, 2019). For an organizational standpoint, companies who use consistent branding create a unified perception of the company and customers can expect certain expectations, such as great customer care, while still letting the employees of the company bring diversity through their own perspectives and experiences (Goad, 2019). By combining these two concepts, companies are able to establish genuine relationships and the right impression. My group and I can use these techniques by showing customers that Summer Moon Coffee (SMC) is an expert in in the industry and amongst local competition. We can create content showing different ways to brew coffee or how to make different drinks instead of directly selling SMC products. In addition, we can engage with our customers on social media and ask them questions about our products or coffee to create a rapport. Lastly, all platforms must have the same voice even though different people are the social media accounts. Next time our audience thinks of coffee we hope they consider us first due to the value we have provided them. Essentially, companies shouldn’t treat customers like a B2B or B2C transaction but more of H2H where people feel like they are talking to another human who is receptive and approachable. Many companies are driven by data and benefit from the knowledge they gain which in turn creates more revenue (Kramer, 2016). Companies must not only think about the companies bottom line, but also try to bring value to the customer by listening to their customers and providing solutions to their problems that meet or exceed their expectations. By building strong relationships through networking on social media and providing insight through valuable content, companies can build trust with our customers. ReferencesGoad, D. (2019, February 12). How Branding Enables More Social Selling Conversations., B. (2016, October 17). Replay #H2HChat the membership economy: From influence and transactions to ongoing revenue. Bryan Kramer., C. (2019, April 23). Social selling: What it is, why you should care, and how to do it right. Social Media Marketing & Management Dashboard. Requirements: 200 words   |   .doc file


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