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I’m trying to learn for my Environmental Science class and I’m stuck. Can you help?Write a respond to these two posts: I found the section about argument tables especially interesting in this weeks reading. I like how the framework resembled the scientific method. It is a really good way to flesh out ideas to make a well rounded ethical argument. By coming up with multiple premises to support or refute your argument, it indicates whether or not your ethical hypothesis requires revision. I also think it very important to consider all of the stakeholders in the argument in order to come up with thorough premises. When it comes to applying argument tables in my life, I highly doubt that I’ll make the time to write out my premises for my arguments other than in an academic setting. However, I found this exercise very useful for the upcoming debate, and I look forward to getting together with my group and adding to the list. My only question from the text was about the importance of the “controversial” category in shaping the argument. Is it because public perspective might not agree with the ethical argument, although the factual evidence supports the argument?Second post:What are the most important and/or interesting things you learned from the course materials this week? Explain. -The most important thing that I learned this week was the premise system of forming an argument. The use of argument tables greatly helps with checking how true and appropriate my premises for my argument are, as well as how controversial they are. Sometimes a part of my argument might be true or appropriate but it is steeped in controversy, so I would have to make extra premises to my argument to get past the public perception on that premise.
How will you use this new information in your academic studies, work, personal relationships, etc? -Our group has already formulated different arguments, as using the argument tables is fantastic for going into greater depth on certain arguments. This has allowed our group to narrow down the arguments we will use in our debate, scrapping certain arguments or combing them to form stronger arguments, stimulating more conversation. I will definitely use argument tables in the future when I am required to write an argumentative essay.
What are the most important questions you still have about the material? How might you go about finding out how to answer these questions? -I am still having a bit of trouble determining how much of the debate/arguments should be based purely around ethics. I know that this is an ethical debate, but how many facts or statistics can be included to support the arguments made. I will review the older material provided at the start of class to get a better sense of ethical arguments, as well as revisit intelligencesquaredUS.
Requirements: Other | 1 pages, Double spaced


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