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I’m studying for my Writing class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?can not be plagiarized and must use minimum 10 bio psychological terminologies and scenarios and directly apply them not just state it in theory make sure you use the book pdf I attached scroll down to page 6 before you freak out titled “Chapter 1Introducing Psychology”make sure to label part and chapter for each section of this assignment Part one CHAPTER 1 PURPOSEThis Discussion will assess your understanding of the chapter 1 material. In this discussion you will write about how BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL factors interact with each other. The minimum amount you can write is 3 spaced paragraph and maximum is 10 pages. Your grade depends on you answering the question thoroughly, analytically and insightfully versus on your grammar and style. QUESTION Barry Egan is a Caucasian male in his early to mid-forties who lives alone in an apartment in Los Angeles, California. He is the owner of a small business that sells novelty items. Barry is not suffering from any known medical conditions or other health problems, but appears to have some mental health concerns.Barry is the youngest of 7 and though his parents provided them with all the necessities but they did not provide him with any kind of emotional support or warmth. From a very young age her felt his parents favoring his sisters every time. His dad also had a history of a severe social anxiety. Barry has seven sisters, all of whom are very domineering and verbally abusive to him. Barry’s sisters have tormented and ridiculed him since childhood. As an adult, his sisters are still very controlling of his life and continue to torment him with embarrassing stories from his childhood.When he was 18 he moved to Colorado for college and his anxiety decreased significantly, he made friends who loved him and with time he acme more confident and more social. However, after, school he had to move back to his hometown and move back home before he could find a job. It took him several years before he opened up his own business, moved out and dedicated himself to his career. Currently, Barry has difficulty with personal relationships and romantic relationships with women. He is very anxious and socially awkward and it is hard for him to establish any kind of a close personal connection with anyone. He has low self esteem and difficulty communicating his needs and desires in any relationship whether friendship or romantic. Oftentimes, he does not express his opinions fearing rejection.What BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL Factors (as much as you can ascertain from the example) could have contributed to the way Barry feels, thinks and behaves.part 2CHAPTER 1 1. What is 1 concept (you can write about more than 1) that you have learned from the chapter2. How did it make you feel? (Intrigued, shocked, surprised, indifferent, excited?) and Why?3. Bring 1 example (scenario) where you can apply that particular concept (of your choice) in everyday life or have seen it play out in real life. CHAPTER 2PURPOSEThis Discussion will assess your understanding of the chapter 2 material. GRADE (5 points) The minimum amount you can write is 1 single spaced paragraph and maximum is 10 pages. Your grade depends on you answering the question thoroughly, analytically and insightfully versus on your grammar and style. QUESTION 1. Bring 1 example of an experimental study. Discuss all elements! 2. Bring 1 example of a correlational study! Discuss all elements! 3. Bring 1 example of an observational study! Discuss all elements!Good Luck 🙂 Requirements:   |   .doc file | Book Report | 2 pages, Single spaced


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