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I’m stuck on a Hospitality question and need an explanation.Chapter One – Managing Effectively in a Global WorldManagers in all sectors strive for efficiency and effectiveness. Define those terms in relation to your agency.
Define and give examples of business activities for each of the four functions of management that you think occur in your agency. If you have to be more general, that is okay.
Why do organizations form?
Describe the 3 basic organizational sectors (“types” of organizations) including goals and sources of funding.
Explain and give examples of the broad skills that all managers need.
What are the levels of management examined in this chapter and in the “Role of the Manager”? Name some typical job titles associated with management at each level? What are the general roles and most important activities at each level? What critical task is shared equally at all levels?
Chapter Two – The Evolution of ManagementWhat does a Gantt chart represent at your agency?
When did management become a formal discipline? Why?
Name the 5 classical approaches and the people, key concepts and/or studies associated with each.
What was the value, and also the shared drawbacks, of the classical approaches?
Explain 2-3 of Henri Fayol’s 14 Principles of Management in the context of their relevance in today’s world.
Name and describe key concepts associated with the 4 contemporary approaches. Explain the limitations of Quantitative Management in management decision-making.
SRTM organizations provide services and experiences. How did the Industrial Revolution, which led to the ability to mass produce goods, contribute to the growth of SRTM organizations?
What sector, funding and management trends have emerged in the last century in tourism/hospitality, recreation and sport programming and services?
Chapter Three – The Organizational Environment and CultureDescribe the elements of your agency’s external environment, as you think it exists.
What are the 5 forces that shape your agency’s competitive strategy?
What factors pose barriers to entry for any new business?
When is a culture considered strong or weak? What do you think your agency has going for it regarding culture? Of course, this is your guess.
Organizations are open systems. Describe.
Under what conditions is competition between rivals most intense?
What is the term that describes the evidence of an organization’s culture that can be “seen and heard”? Examples? What are the 2 deeper levels of organization culture?
Describe attributes associated with each of the 4 types of organizational culture presented in the Competing Values Model.
Requirements: follow instruction


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