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I need support with this Poetry question so I can learn better.In “The Creator’s Subject” section of this course, we are exploring a few of the many areas that creators mine for their artistic subjects, and along the way, we’re giving shape to our identities as writers. The Creator’s Subject assignment will invite you to engage in the same kind of observation, though instead of generating stories and poems, you’ll use your observations as a mirror to reflect on your identity as a writer, and some of your potential subjects.The Creator’s Subject assignment has two parts: Observation and Reflection. In the Observation section, you’ll be asked to record observations of the everyday physical world around you—just like the Alien Anthropology assignment, but this time with a focus on a few specific topics. In the Reflection section, you’ll be asked to write thoughtful, detailed responses to a series of questions about your observations and your identity as a writer. Each section is described more fully in the handout linked below.Step 1Read and follow the assignment instructions in The Creator’s Subject HandoutObservationYou should have five entries. Title each one with the prompt (“History,” “Place,” “A Personal Obstacle,” etc.). Leave enough space between each entry so that it’s easy to tell where one ends and another begins.
There is no length requirement for your entries-being exhaustively detailed is the most important thing. As a loose guideline, though, shoot for at least one-half page of notes for each “something” you write about.
ReflectionYou can type this section as a simple Q&A: Type the question you’re responding to, followed by your response.
There is no specific length requirement, though thoughtful, detailed responses to all of these questions would probably take at least 2 ½ pages-use that as a suggested target length/guideline. I’m less concerned with length than I am with content, though it’s what you say that’s important, not how long it takes you to say it.
Step 2Be sure everything’s properly formatted and that you’ve followed all the instructions, guidelines, and requirements above.
Submit your assignment as a single document by the due date on this page.
1.In the Observation section, your instructor will look for exhaustive detail of the five “somethings” you’re describing. Each should use all five senses and display a sense of open-minded curiosity.
2. In the Reflection section, your instructor will look for in your reflection is thoughtfulness and detail. Simple, obvious, one-sentence responses aren’t very thoughtful or detailed. Think hard about the questions, study the writing you’ve done; be curious, and explore yourself. Illustrate your ideas with examples and explanations.
Requirements: 2-3 page


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