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I need support with this English question so I can learn better.You might’ve consulted with your department website last week. That’s fine. I want you to continue your research in those areas we highlighted last week (curriculum and faculty). But your website might have other resources you can reference or discuss:Department facilities, labs, etc.
Internships, faculty research for student participation, etc.
Other programs, department groups, study abroad, clubs, fraternities, etc.
Take notes in these areas and others that might be useful, looking at the webpage or even other department collateral.The same kind of detailed discussion of some of these other parts of your department can be just as interesting as talking about curriculum. Each major/degree is different. This is just a continuation of your research for this Letter of Recruitment.In addition, please include in your notes for this week’s Journal some thoughts on any rhetorical arguments you can identify on the website or elsewhere in your department’s image. For instance, can you see an ethical argument being made on the website, an appeal to a viewer’s ethics, in how your department/field engages in helping/solving/studying that echoes a statement of values, of helping people, communities, etc.? Any pathos, emotional arguments? Not only are you doing some rhetorical analysis, a core principal of this course, you’re absolutely getting some ideas for your Letter, for arguments you might be able to make.This Journal amounts to at least 3 pages of notes (double-spaced is fine) that cover the points I discuss above. In effect, you are continuing your research from last week, but you are focusing on your Department’s Webpage and other parts of the academic culture of your major/department. You are also noting any major rhetorical appeals you sense your department makes or can make in terms of how one would describe the major. Identifying a powerful ethical, emotional or logical appeal can help you persuade your reader more effectively. As some asked about the approach to the notes, I would create a kind of outline form, some kind of separation of points/ideas/topics. You can include some paragraphing, but I would try to organize different points/ideas/experiences so you have a clearer look at your points of discussion. Requirements: Other | 3 pages, Double spaced


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