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I don’t understand this Health & Medical question and need help to study.In this task, you will create a business plan detailing a well-researched proposal of a solution to a real-world challenge or healthcare need (identified as “Patient Acquisition and Retention”). It is intended to be a professional document to persuade interested investors or executives at an organization to consider implementing your plan.A. Summarize the following points:the healthcare challenge or need
your proposed innovative solution
B. Discuss your value proposition by doing the following:1. Predict the anticipated benefits of the proposed solution in terms of health outcomes and population health.2. Explain how the key stakeholders identified in the prospectus could be impacted by the proposed solution.3. Evaluate how the proposed solution is unique or different from current care or service delivery.4. Discuss how the proposed solution optimizes value-based care and patient-centered care.C. Complete a strategic analysis by doing the following:Note: Depending on the type of solution proposed, the strategic analysis can be completed using a SWOT analysis or an IAF.1. Discuss the risks and opportunities that will impact the success of the proposed solution.2. Describe the market segmentation of the target population.3. Conduct a stakeholder analysis.4. Describe the regulatory and legal environment as relevant to the implementation of the proposed solution.5. Evaluate human resource needs.6. Describe how you would respond to challenges identified in the strategic analysis.a. Explain how success will be measured in addressing challenges.D. Complete a financial analysis by doing the following:Note: The analysis may be based on the initial financial assessment in the prospectus, but it should also include a thorough and comprehensive projection of feasibility and sustainability. The focus of the financial analysis is sustainability. The specific tools for financial analysis may change depending on the specific proposal and the supporting business model.1. Identify the resources required for the implementation of the proposed solution.2. Explain how the proposed solution could impact revenue.3. Describe the anticipated financial risks that could arise during the development and implementation of the proposed solution.4. Describe the measurements that will be used to monitor financial health and inherent challenges.E. Analyze the impact the proposed solution will have on health outcomes for individuals or the target population by doing the following:Note: The specific methods or approaches for determining health outcomes depend on the proposed solution. Measurements for assessing health outcomes may include qualitative and quantitative data that target individual or population data, clinical utilization, or other elements appropriate to the proposed solution.1. Compare anticipated health outcomes with existing health outcomes. Include data on the existing outcomes as part of your comparison.2. Discuss factors that will influence the improvement of health outcomes as a result of the proposed solution.3. Explain how you will measure improvement in health outcomes.F. Develop an operational plan that addresses the real-world challenges of implementing your proposed solution by doing the following:1. Describe the role of leadership in implementing the operational plan, including the following points:the decision makers involved
the individuals responsible for implementing the proposed solution
2. Evaluate any changes to organizational structure that are necessary to support the implementation of the proposed solution.3. Discuss the role of organizational culture in influencing the success of the proposed solution.4. Discuss modifications that might need to be made to the current workforce management practices in order to implement your proposed solution.Note: An example of a modification could be an identification of what expertise or personnel are needed.5. Describe the operational processes and risk factors that should be monitored to determine successful implementation progress.G. Complete the attached “Projected Outcome Chart” by doing the following:Note: The projected outcomes can be based on information in prompts A−F and other instruments for projecting outcomes, such as breakeven analysis and pro forma. Your response to part G3 may be in the format of a table, but this format is not required.1. Identify 2–3 key indicators to monitor progress and improve sustainability after the implementation of the proposed solution.2. Identify the type of measure for each of the indicators identified in part G1 (i.e., leading, real-time, lagging).3. Predict the best-case and worst-case scenario for each key indicator for years 1, 3, and 5.
Requirements: minimum 2500 words


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