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I don’t know how to handle this Marketing question and need guidance.I’m working on a marketing case study and need support to help me understand better.Writing the case report entails filling out details of the outline in prose form. Of course, not every case report requires all the headings listed above, and different headings may be required for some cases. Like any other skill, it takes practice to determine the appropriate headings and approach for writing particular cases. However, good case reports flow logically from topic to topic, are clearly written, are based on solid situation analysis, and demonstrate sound strategic thinking.Additional instructions: Case analysis will give you the chance to look at the present situation facing an organization, and after a systematic analysis, make recommendations that will produce a change in the results or outcomes. While you cannot be certain what that outcome will be, through the discussion and critique of your suggestions by fellow students or your professor, projections can be made about the foundation for the probable success of your recommendations. In this course you will have the opportunity, through cases, to see how well you can assess and address a business issue or problem. The role of the case analysis is to provide you with the opportunity to utilize the knowledge you have gained to this point to evaluate and make recommendations to enhance the performance of real organizations. This is not a substitute for real world experience in a job with an organization, but it is the type of learning that helps prepare you to begin using the business knowledge you have acquired. Creativity and applied imagination are essential in the discussion of marketing problemsThe organization I choose is CVS HealthCase Analysis FrameworkTitle Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary (one or two pages-summary & recommendations)
Situational AnalysisEnvironmentEconomic Conditions and trends
Cultural and social values and trends
Political and legal issues
Summary of environmental opportunities and threats
Implications for strategy development
IndustryClassification and definition of industry
Analysis of existing competitors
Analysis of potential new entrants
Analysis of substitute products
Analysis of suppliers
Analysis of buyers
Summary of industry opportunities and threats
Implication of strategy development
OrganizationObjectives and constraints
Financial condition
Management philosophy
Organizational structure
Organizational culture
Summary of the firm’s strengths and weaknesses
Implications for strategic development
Marketing StrategyObjective and constraints
Analysis of sales, profits, and market share
Analysis of target market (s)
Analysis of marketing mix variables
Summary of marketing strategy’s strengths and weaknesses
Implications for strategy development
Problems Found in Situational AnalysisStatement of primary problem (s)Evidence of problem (s)
Effects of problem (s)
Statement of secondary problem (s)Evidence of problem (s)
Effects of Problems (s)
Strategic Alternatives for Solving ProblemsDescription of strategic alternative 1Benefits of alternative 1
Costs of alternative 1
Description of strategic alternative 2Benefits of alternative 2
Costs of alternative 2
Description of strategic alternative 3Benefits of alternative 3
Costs of alternative 3
Selection of Strategic Alternative and ImplementationStatement of selected strategy
Justification for selection of strategy
Description of implementation of strategy
AppendicesFinancial analysis
Technical analysis
Requirements: 21 pages detailed following attached case analysis example | .doc file   |   .doc file


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