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Help me study for my Management class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.Check out the Center for Courage and Renewal website and listen to the podcast by Parker Palmer on “An Undivided Life” (, which takes about 5 minutes. How do we identify our true selves? How does one’s true self relate to one’s leadership philosophy and leadership style? What are the forces that tend to cause internal division? What does it mean to “phone in?” (500 words)…Discussion QuestionWhat role does critical thinking play in leadership? Does this vary with the level of a leader? For example, is critical thinking more important as a CEO versus a supervisor? Finally, can critical thinking be taught?Respond to the people below. If you agree or disagree and why (150 words)SephanieCritical thinking is a very large role of leadership and management. Critical thinking involves making judgment calls based on past experiences. Many leaders have learned throughout their experiences of what works to resolve a problem as well as what may not work as effectively. Given that each scenario may be different, having the ability to apply what was once learned through attempt helps to make the correct decision faster and more efficiently. I would argue that both the CEO and supervisor position equally require this skillset just in different ways. Both positions require “Problem solving in contexts of risk, ambiguity and uncertainty. Strength in inductive and inferential reasoning lead problem solvers to determine the solution that has the strongest likelihood of success, given information at hand” (“Top 5 critical thinking skills important for business,” 2019). While the CEO is involved in problem solving in risks such as profitability, market availability and the strategy of the organization as a whole, the supervisor is the one mitigating risks amongst employees and also production bottlenecks. Although vastly different, both require critical thinking just in different ways. Not all supervisors should be a CEO much like not all CEO’s should be supervisors. CEO’s may oversee a company but that doesn’t mean they have the capacity to manage minor infractions and emotions of the employees as they can with the emotions and volatility of the economic market.JaylahCritical thinking is and has become something that corporate level jobs look for in their potential employees. It is very necessary in the role of serving as a leader in any field or aspect. In fact, critical thinking really enables people to reflect on the possible results of their decisions both before and after. Leaders who pursue thinking critically often challenge themselves to think and execute off the strength of what will bring them the greatest return on investments. Many people may recognize this as the blueprint/planning phase. One of the most important intangible assets to bring to a company is the ability to be open-minded while problem solving; which wouldn’t be possible without critical thinking. An everyday individual would argue that supervisors need not to be overly passionate about critical thinking, but I disagree. EVERY employee should possess an advanced skill of thinking analytically. It is important that each employee/individual understand how their decisions affect the business or team whether good or bad. This process is as simple as being reflective. So, critical thinking is not more important as a CEO versus a Supervisor because they both hold leadership titles that require executing that skill. Another question that often comes up when discussion this subject is whether critical thinking can be taught? The answer is yes because professors have been trying to get their students to do that for years. Perhaps this may be more familiar when we think back to all the times when teachers have provided students with activities and exercises that challenge them to question basic assumptions and evaluate existing evidence; that is CRITICAL THINKING ! Its amazing. Requirements: 800 total


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