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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Support of Colorado House Bill 1175. It needs to be at least 2000 words. During the later years the chemicals in tobacco were being recognized by scientists, which made them realize the serious health effects that it can create. It was then in 1826, when the pure form of nicotine was fully discovered. Later the scientists concluded that nicotine is poisonous and began to warn people about the dangers of smoking tobacco. It was only during the 1900’s that the manufacture and selling of cigarettes, which was a major tobacco product, began. (History of Tobacco)During World War I, the use of cigarette became so enormous that it was called as the “soldier’s smoke”. Then during World War II, cigarettes were provided to soldiers as a part of C-Rations like other food products. Later in the 1950’s it was proved with evidence that smoking was a major cause for lung cancer. The Surgeon General’s report on “Smoking and Health” in 1964, helped the government to regulate the market and sales of cigarettes. In the 1980’s there were a number of lawsuits which were filed against the tobacco industries due to the hazardous effect that the product creates on people. But it is only in recent times that there are evidences revealing the fact that the tobacco industry is continuing to market and sell its product, knowing very well the harm that it causes to the public. It was also proved that the tobacco industry establishers knew that nicotine creates addiction and that they revealed this to millions of people knowingly to make them a prey to this addiction. (History of Tobacco)Negative effects of second hand smoke Second-hand smoke – SHS, kills 53,000 non-smokers every year in U.S. and is found to be the third leading reason for preventable death in the country. This Second-hand smoke is alternatively known as passive smoke or environmental tobacco smoke – ETS. Research has revealed that each time a person breathes in second-hand smoke, he/she intakes over 100 harmful chemical agents like the carcinogens and toxins. This kind of SHS is the cause for death due to the following diseases: low birth weight, spontaneous abortion, heart diseases, stroke and negative results on the growth of cognition and behaviour, exacerbation of cystic fibrosis, lung as well as nasal sinus cancer, cervical cancer and also the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. (Second-Hand Smoke) The SHS also has a serious impact on children which causes bronchitis and pneumonia, asthma induction and exacerbation, constant respiratory indications, middle ear getting infected and also low birth weight. The other factors of the SHS is that it is a major source of the Particulate Matter – PM pollution, which is a factor for pulmonary diseases, asthma and other lung diseases like cancer. Generally 3 cigarettes on fire in a room emit 10-fold more PM pollution than an eco-diesel engine. When children inhale this SHS smoke during their childhood it causes neck pain, spinal pain and back pain in their later ages of life. This kind of Second hand smoke also damages the child’s ability to learn, and it is neurotoxic at very low levels. Studies revealed that more than 21.9 million children are proved to be at a danger of getting reading disabilities due to this second hand smoke. A greater level of exposure to this smoke also causes an increased disorder in math and visuospatial reasoning.


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