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For this project, your assignment will be to write a customer complaint letter. This letter will be addressed from the company that you represent (the sender) to a second company that your company has done business with (the recipient). A problem has occurred during the course of this business exchange, and your letter is a formal request that the recipient take some action to correct the problem.
Remember, you are writing as the representative of your company, so this is not a personal or individual letter. In order to be successful, your letter must represent the wishes of your company.
Your complaint letter will be concise (one page or less), correctly formatted (standard business correspondence formatting), and exhibit a professional style and tone.
Start by reading the description of the problem (posted on Blackboard) thoroughly. Make sure that you understand the specific issue your company has before you start your response.
Draft your response letter to address your company’s specific concerns and to suggest a positive, feasible, remedy for the problem. The solution that you suggest is up to you; however, remember, the best complaint letters balance the needs of the sender (you) with the needs and realities of the recipient (the business you are writing to).
Some possible needs that your company might have include:
feeling valued
financial compensation
finding a satisfactory remedy to the problem
The needs of the recipient would include:
retaining the customer’s business
maintaining goodwill with the customer
establishing positive reputation
addressing financial realities
Your letter should be formatted according to business letter conventions as outlined in our textbook and discussed in class. Briefly these formatting guidelines should include (but are not limited to):
One-inch margins
A clear, readable font (Times New Roman is common, but isn’t the only–or even the most common–font used in professional/technical communication)
NO indentations on paragraphs
Single space throughout
Other formatting specifics as outlined by the textbook (examples for complaint/reponse letters start on page 150)
Skills practices/assessed
Diction/Word choice


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