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Directions: For each of the four assignments, you will find one newspaper article on a topic related to sustainability. It could be environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, social sustainability, or any other topic related to sustainability that interests you. The article can come from any newspaper in the U.S. or around the world. For example, you could do this by typing the word “Sustainability and Environment” into the Google search engine or another search engine. For each assignment, you will address the two questions below in bold type in a total of 6-8 sentences (3 to 4 sentences per question = totaling 6-8 sentences altogether). You will also need to cut and paste the article you use for the assignment, and copy it at the end of your Word document (cut and paste it at the end of your Word document and save everything into one document), so that I can read it. 1. What type of sustainability does the article address? Briefly explain it. (Type this question in bold print and then answer it in non-bold print. Three to four sentences). 2. How were people in the newspaper article affected by sustainability? In other words, what were the benefits of sustainability to the community? (Type this question in bold print and then answer it in non-bold print. Three to four sentences). *Make these four assignments enjoyable! The points for these four assignments should be automatic! To receive full credit, however, you must turn them in on time, and cut and paste the newspaper article at the end of the written assignment. No exceptions! If the newspaper article isn’t attached at the end of the assignment, I will assume “you just made it up” to turn something in and no credit will ultimately be given to the assignment. I need to see the article you used for this assignment in order for your assignment to be verified and graded. **Feel free to turn these assignments in early or all at once if you so desire. Again, enjoy doing these assignments!


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