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Create a 7 page essay paper that discusses Environmental Studies. The ecological system totally depends on how it is being preserved and maintained. Global could have been prevented by taking the measures and following the plans.(Glantz 1999). Pollution is the main reason behind global warming. Smoke form vehicles, factories and manufacturing plants and forest fire are the major cause for pollution.All this lead to global warming which in turn was spoiled most of the species in the world. Discharge of toxic and poisonous gas from the industries also provoked global warming. The green house effect was disturbed due to this. The glaciers in many countries started melting because of these problems. There are various causes of global warming. Emission of gases like methane and gases like nitrous oxide mixed with the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide from the vehicles was also a cause. This problem was common in most of the countries. Deforestation contributed to this problem. Although most of the scientists around the world tried hard to educate people regarding global warming, this was vain. As people were not aware of global warming and its after effects, they did not try to protect the environment. (McDonough, Michael 2002).Temperature difference has affected the ecology. … As this also differed, the ecology was altered. The sea level got increased which resulted in natural calamity like tsunami. Other natural disasters like volcanic eruptions and earth quake made earth uninhabitable. Due to global warming many species became extinct. But people never thought it would become such a threat. Nearly 40% of the species have been decimated. Global warming showed its nature with the evolvement of new diseases. (Quinn 1995).Many unnamed diseases started to spread and they did not have any proper medicines to cure it. Many people lost their lives during this time. From this, there was a gradual decrease in the population. By this time the level of sea started to rise, as the glaciers melted down and fell into the sea. Though many organizations tried to spread the awareness regarding global warming, only some were able to achieve their goal. They did not know the seriousness of global warming. Other disasters like volcano occurred in many countries. This too resulted in the increase of mortality rate. The diseases that started spreading due to global warming were mainly because of poisonous gas like methane which was emitted by many sources. Organic and inorganic wastes were also a major problem. Industries did not dispose their wastes properly. The factories let out their wastes into the water bodies. Some of the manufacturing plants dumped their wastes in open vast lands and some burnt these wastes. This polluted the atmosphere, which created holes in the ozone layer. Gases like CFC which are being used in refrigerators are the main cause for the problems in the ozone layer. Drought also contributed to the decline in the species. People did not have the facilities to cultivate their land to produce food.


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