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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Geckos as Pets. In making the decision to purchase any kind of pet, whether it be a mammal or reptile, the main considerations are personal lifestyle options, purpose for getting the pet, time that must be spent on care, money for care, habitat requirements, and longevity of the pet (Humane Society, 1-3). For active individuals or those with extended work hours, finding the time to properly care for and train a puppy would be extremely trying, for instance. Both cats and dogs require a minimum of an annual visit to the vet along with vaccinations and preventive maintenance, all of which take time and money. In planning for the purchase of a dog, availability of an area to play and take care of bodily functions is a necessary consideration – a large breed of dog such as a Labrador Retriever cannot be kept confined in a small apartment without it being considered cruel. Longevity of the chosen pet is also a factor in choosing a pet. some birds can live up to one hundred years old! All of these aspects of pet ownership must be considered before making a decision that will be life-impacting.Geckos, conversely, require a minimal amount of care. Leopard geckos, or Eublepharis macularius, in particular, are one of the most popular reptiles kept as pets. … The Crested gecko, or Rhacodactylus ciliatus, hails from New Caledonia. The Crested gecko was previously thought to be extinct but a number of them were found on the island in the 1980s. Today they are raised in captivity for the purpose of selling as pets. The Crested gecko comes in a variety of beautiful and extreme color combinations. They are a bit smaller and just a few years shorter-lived than their Leopard variety cousins as well being omnivorous as opposed to insectivorous. The Crested gecko is arboreal and enjoys being housed in a tall cage with plants, real or artificial. Crested males must be kept separate from each other as their natural instinct is to fight each other to the death (LaFerriere).Proper care for geckos includes providing the right habitat and environment. A 15 – 20 gallon glass tank is large for several geckos, but males should be kept separate from females unless the owner is prepared to deal with offspring. Some sort of soft substrate, such as paper or a piece of outdoor carpet, is sufficient while providing a hiding place, such as a half piece of bark, will allow them a place for privacy. Unlike other reptiles, geckos do not require a UV light but a small, dim bulb above the tank can be installed for the purpose of basking. A shallow dish of water and a diet of insects will keep the gecko happy and healthy (McLeod). Crickets or mealworms can be given once a day for young geckos and once every other day for adults. These foods are easily and inexpensively purchased at most pet supply stores.Owning a gecko can be a very positive and rewarding experience for a young child.


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