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Compose a 750 words essay on Computer Numerical Control. Needs to be plagiarism free! End to end designs of the components have been highly developed and the computers have been widely used in their processes and this have included such things as computer language being widely incorporated within the systems that use computer numerical control (Krull, 40).In the production of Padlocks by the Tri-Cycle company the use of the computer numerical control has been assessed and the following results were seen. One of the benefits of the system was that it could be used continuously for twenty fours and this have ensured that the production of the products can be continued continuously without facing any disruptions and hindrances. This is very beneficial to the company because the company can enjoy customer faith because the company ensures that the products are available in the market throughout the year and can meet any kind of demand that could be necessary at any time (Reintjes, 120).It is also beneficial to the company because the company does not need to employ highly skilled personnel to operate the machines. This have ensured that the company does not need to spend a lot of its resources in employing highly skilled personnel and at the same time ensure that the production of the padlocks is continued and also keep the quality of the products high levels. This is very beneficial to the company because while saving on the consumer faith, they also benefit largely to the fact that the system ensures that the products are of high quality and hence very beneficial in the market outlook of the company (Reintjes, 123).When an improvement to the machines or to the product is necessary, the company does not need to do an overhaul of the entire system but only need to change the computer language. This ensures that the padlocks produced can be changed on their branding, size and type without having necessarily changed the entire system. This is very beneficial to the company because the company does not to spend a lot of resources when they need to change the outlook of the company’s production system. The company also does not need to involve a lot of technical to change the system as semi-skilled workers can work on the changes that are required for the company to make the necessary changes that are required to change the company’s products outlook (Krull, 40).


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