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Compose a 1500 words essay on Engineers no longer need Maths. Needs to be plagiarism free! The business sectors and the engineering education system shifted emphasis towards quality management practices and practical learning curriculums [3] respectively, adapting to the emerging market conditions and undergoing value additions in the process. Mathematics too, saw some innovations and got embedded and transformed into user-friendlier computer programmes and tools [4] but notably, this advancement was restricted and available only to the upper stages of the education cycle and unfortunately failed to spread throughout the entire system [5]. The subject of mathematics, precisely classical or conventional mathematics, happens to be regarded as a difficult and complex subject meant only for few extra caliber peoples [6] and this deep-rooted perception gave rise to a fear (called the ‘mathematics problem’ or ‘mathematics phobia’) discouraging learners of all levels (primary, secondary, higher and advanced levels) from taking up and putting their hearts into the study of mathematics [7). This phobia is a reality, which propagates limiting the mathematical knowledge base and skills of numerous pupils throughout the world ultimately stagnating the overall progress of the institution of conventional mathematics. This erosion in knowledge of a subject whose proficiency has proved to capacitate or facilitate understanding of almost all other subjects [6, 7], is definitely a ‘social handicap’. Moreover, many research studies have confirmed that this ‘mathematics problem’ also has cross-subject effects. Generally, engineering is considered to be a complex and mathematically-rich domain [8] and as such faces the menace of the mathematics phobia. Reductions in enrollments and first-year abstractions in engineering education has become a common phenomenon in various countries including UK and the USA [6]. Following the growing status and demands, many aspiring students join engineering courses only to pull out at a later stage fearing the mathematics involved in such courses. There are various societal, financial and attitudinal reasons for abstractions and non-completion of engineering education [6] however, the distaste for mathematics is found to be a dominant reason in recent years. Under all these circumstances, loosing budding engineers to the mathematics phobia has become a concern big enough, questioning the utility or necessity of the mathematics embedded in engineering education. A number of research studies have been carried out during the last decade for assessing the impacts of the mathematics problem and providing appropriate solutions for controlling abstraction in engineering education and boosting supply of skilled engineers. This paper presents a broad and complete picture of the dynamics, advancements and functional inter-links of engineering and mathematical studies.


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