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Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: Crime Prevention Master. If such a situation did not exist, perhaps the crime would not have taken place, because a safer environment would deter the criminal as he would worry about getting caught. There is also a slight insinuation in this theory that given the opportunity, there could be many more criminals. This implies that the opportunity is the main encourager of a criminal activity and if such opportunity presents itself, even a good citizen could venture to become a criminal. In a way this assumption is at the heart of this theoretical perspective. “Common theoretical perspectives include the routine activity model, crime pattern analysis, and rational choice. The standard methodology is a version of the action research paradigm in which researchers work with practitioners to analyse and define the problem, to identify and try out possible solutions, and evaluate and disseminate the results” needs fewer efficacies in principle and more effectiveness in practice because it mainly depends on its practical functioning. It stresses on interventions even before the criminal act takes place.SCP is a primary prevention measure that focuses on reducing crime opportunities than on trying to reform the criminals. It is not an exalted theory that would transform the criminals into better human beings and citizens. It accepts that there are criminals everywhere, and it also accepts the potential criminality of perhaps all the citizens. It is a slightly cynical programme that does not say anything about the possibility of reformation of criminals. It has an articulated theoretical framework, a standard methodology for tackling crime, with a set of opportunity-reducing techniques. It is a clear-cut programme that depends more on practical methods and less on theoretical. It includes ‘Wheels’ scheme to tackle joyriding, crime prevention bus driven around the city checking all the areas, puppet shows on morality, better street lighting, parenting support information, high technology car locks and immobilisers, security patrols, CCTV, improving housing conditions, all-female taxi services, It involves works like making the buildings safer, making streets safer, and asking the police for help in times of danger without waiting for someone to come across and help, using common sense and resourcefulness to stop the criminals, taking the help of the neighbours to look out for crime, and to be vigilant in times of need. It also is connected with the agencies that help in crime reduction, and making it the work of all, not just the police to be on the look out, to be vigilant as far as possible, and report as soon as spotting an unnatural activity, and somehow make the crime reduction work. but it discourages anybody from buying a weapon on the pretext of self-defence, taking independent actions without asking for help in pursuing the criminals and making it more dangerous for self and others in the vicinity. It also discourages people from forcing criminals to take their activities away from that particular area, because it is not crime reduction, but crime shifting. It also discourages people from spending a lot of money in an effort to locate the criminals and reduce the crime in the area.


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