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Complete 28 page APA formatted essay: To prepare a business plan based on opening a pub in Canterbury. Looking into the characteristics and thought processes of the people still holds as the most significant factor to be looked into by the individuals in the field of sales and marketing. The large scope of market can pose a hindrance to a successful marketing strategy in terms of over generalized definition of the target or niche market.The Bigskymind is a full service pub/bar located at the heart of Eastern Kent, Canterbury. The pub/bar has a full menu of middle and reasonable price “comfort” food, drinks and spirits but based upon time honoured recipes and mixes from around the world. The pub also features performances from local bands from Canterbury.This business plan is created in order to provide comprehensive information to the future investors from prestigious financial institutions that would want to invest in the business. This plan will present the company’s vision and strategic plans in order to achieve profitability in the chosen location.The Bigskymind will offer easily reached and reasonably priced high quality food, drinks and spirits, and entertainment to the thousands of residents and customers in Canterbury. In time, The Bigkymind will institute itself as a “target” of choice to the many clients of the greater city area of Canterbury, as well as numerous tourists.The pub will offer a “total, high-quality” evening experience for those looking for fun and relaxation after a hard day work. Not only will customers be able to drink on the pub’s high spirits and comforting drinks, they will enjoy the performance of the bands every night. The pub’s mission is simple. it will offer a complete stylish, fab and relaxing drinks to the regular customers. The price of the products will be very affordable that will motivate the customers to return on many occasions. The main market of the pub will be young professionals who have worked for very long hours.The Key to Success FactorsProduct quality The foods are o high quality based on the recipes around the world such as appetizers, side dishes and main dishes. The drinks are beers from 100 cities globally (there will be a 100 beers from 100 cities bar), wines, and spirits drinks mixes. The house specialty drink will be bigskymindmix that will have five alcohol based drinks like vodka, tequila gold, brandy, lambanog (a drink from the Philippines) and lime.Service QualitySince the pub business is under the service industry and also can be considered to be in the tourism industry, service quality should be provided by the management and employees. The satisfaction of the customer will be the top priority of the company. The importance of quality in customer service should be recognized by Bigskymind. The company will prioritize quality in customer services, resulting to positive business outcome.


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