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COMMERCIAL CORRESPONDENCE SUBJECT  HOMEWORKplease give me a help on this homework.QUESTION 1Requesting information about accommodations.a) As manager of the omega hotel where the customers wants to change set a booking back two weeks, write an letter information her that the hotel is unable to grant the request.b) When you arrived at the hotel where you had made vacation reservations, you were told that the room you did reserved was not available, through they had a smaller one in another building, which you were forced to accept. write the hotels management explaining how your family was inconvenienced.QUESTION 2Letter requesting pricing informationa) Ritz inc. is a leader of automotive spare parts, has to write to a company to see if they could get the latest catalogue, prices and the most competitive quotes. the letter writer clearly states the brief company profile, his needs, ask price for specific products and the volume.Question 3Cover letter emaila) Mr. Rex has to write an email cover letter, include a subject line that enables the hiring manager to recognize who you are and the job for which you are applying.QUESTION 4Job offer letter- letter confirming job offer.a) Pigeon corp. is offering a position of assistant sales manager. the letter would include the title of role, duties, date of commencement of employment working hours, days holidays, overtime, monthly salary plus benefits, notice period, training period, etc. A letter offering a job would invite questions if anything is not clear about the terms and conditions of employment, and ask for written confirmation of acceptance. the applicant would be asked to return one signed copy with their confirmation, and keep the other for their own records.



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