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Case Study Tom is a 68-year old gentleman who has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. As a result of this condition, he experiences ‘bad’ pain in both hips, which is exacerbated by walking for more than 5 minutes at a time. Tom is married and lives at home with his wife, Sarah. He has recently retired from a full-time job as a construction supervisor in an industry that he had been part of for many years. He enjoys playing golf and had intended to play more often now that he is retired. However, he finds that his hip pain is making it very difficult to do this. Tom is prescribed Panadol Osteo for pain relief and takes 2 tablets 3 times daily every 6-8 hours. He says ‘this helps’ but the pain still limits what he can do. To improve his situation, Tom’s GP has advised him to reduce his weight starting with an initial goal of losing 10 kgs. He currently weighs approximately 96 kgs and is 176cm tall (BMI = 31). However, during his regular check-up at the multidisciplinary clinic, Tom gets angry with the health professional saying: ‘It’s all right for you – you don’t know how hard it is to lose weight! I’ve tried dieting but it doesn’t work. Don’t tell me I have to lose weight – I’m sick of being told that’. Tom’s voice is raised and he glares at the health professional, claiming that no-one understands how to help him. The health professional realises that a conversation with Tom needs to be undertaken in an appropriate manner in order to discuss his situation. 1. Using the language of a health professional, write how you would briefly explain the condition of Osteoarthritis to Tom. Outline: a) its pathophysiology and b) the major factors which increase the risk of developing this condition. 2. Explain the key differences between Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. 3. Explain the importance of (your communication skill) to the health professional, using evidence to support your argument. 4. Outline two strategies a health professional would use in relation to (your communication skill) with Tom, using evidence to support your key points. My Communication skill is BUILDING EMPATHY.I need 10 references.In which I will give two articles of Building empathy and I will give 4 websites and 4 articles regarding the problems.Please follow the documents given below.The websites are .gov , .org , .edu .In relation to your given case study, write a 1200 word report that includes:1. A short introduction outlining the case study and giving some background to the topics which will be covered (100 words)2. A paragraph response to question 1, with a heading and academic support (200 words)3. A paragraph response to question 2, with a heading and academic support (200 words)4. A paragraph response to question 3, with a heading and academic support (300 words)5. A paragraph response to question 4, with a heading and academic support (300 words)6. A short summary and conclusion to finish your report (100 words) 7. A reference list of at least 10 academic sources, in QUT APA format. For the last question.Please don’t mention “Tom”.It should be written about building empathy in regards to the question


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