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Can you help me understand this Writing question?Topic: Background Checks for Aviation EmployeesQuestion: When did the background check exist and how did it develop?Before 1996, there were no background checks on aviation staff (Price & Forrest, P. 119). People are free to hold important positions responsible for airport security without being subject to mandatory scrutiny. But on October 9th of that year, President Clinton signed the “Federal Aviation Reauthorization Act of 1996 (P.L.104-264)”. This law provides for various enhancements to aviation safety, which emphasizes counter-terrorism through methods such as new requirements for background checks on certain airport personnel with security guarantees (FAA, p. 302).Since then, this policy has been “slowly” implemented. The usual review method is to extract the applicant’s fingerprints and submit the fingerprint photos to the FBI together with work experience. This survey is only for people who have gone abroad or have been in jail, and it usually takes three months to complete. After 9/11, with more attention to safety and the application of new equipment, this process can be completed within a few days.In March 2010, the TSA started to set up the Aviation Challenging Services Provider (ACSP) program to select vendors to vet airport workers and aircraft operators. This was in response to a request of airports to increase market competition among security vendors beyond the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE). But this change has also caused many problems. For example, TSA did not receive the registration data, and the registration office did not see AAAE. This allows people with criminal records to successfully obtain certification and enter the “secure zone.” Qualified aviation staff cannot enter the safe area without proper authorization, thus hindering airport operations. In September 2017, TSA cooperated with the FBI to implement the FBI’s Rap Back service to provide aviation staff with frequent criminal history checks based on fingerprints. All in all, the background check for aviation personnel still has loopholes, but it is constantly improving and is ensuring our safety.Response to the above post with 100 words and please cite the references.
Requirements: ​Response to the above post with 100 words and please cite the references.


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