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BASIC GRAMMAR1. Which of the following is an example of an indefinite pronoun?A. ThisB. EachC. WhichD. You2. Which of the following would you most often be able to find in a basic dictionary?A. An illustrated picture of a word you don’t already knowB. A list of newspapers that frequently use a word you don’t already knowC. A narrative story featuring a word you don’t already knowD. The pronunciation of a word you don’t already know3. Three of the following statements about a verb are true. Which statement is false?A. A verb makes a statement about the subject of a sentence.B. A verb can express a state of being.C. A verb takes the place of adjectives.D. A verb can express action.4. Tom says that a preposition shows position. Ann says that a preposition shows the logical relationship between ideas. Who is correct?A. Tom is correct.B. Neither Tom nor Ann are correct.C. Both Tom and Ann are correct.D. Ann is correct.5. Which of the following is an example of a proper noun?A. justiceB. gavelC. John G. Roberts, Jr.D. him6. In which of the following sentences is an adverb used correctly?A. She sang beautifully.B. She is a beautifully singer.C. She sang the song beautiful.D. She sang a beautiful song.7. What is the difference between a clause and a phrase?A. A clause has a subject and a verb, but a phrase does not.B. A clause always contains a preposition.C. A phrase has a subject and a verb, but a clause does not.D. A phrase always contains a preposition.8. How can you tell the difference between a compound sentence and a complex sentence?A. A compound sentence can be separated into two parts that can each stand alone.B. Complex sentences contain coordinating conjunctions that separate the clauses.C. Clauses in a complex sentence are always independent.D. A compound sentence isn’t made of stand-alone clauses.9. Which of the following contains a correct, standard use of a comma?A. The warrior ran to safety, but the soldier stood and fought.B. The warrior, ran to safety but the soldier stood and fought.C. The warrior ran to safety but, the soldier stood and fought.D. The warrior ran to safety but the soldier stood, and fought10. Which of the following is not a common sentence error?A. Mixed constructionB. FragmentC. Run-onD. Prepositional phrase11. What is the conjunction in the following sentence?I will take my sister to the concert, provided that she can buy a ticket.A. provided thatB. to theC. concert, providedD. that she12. In the following sentence, identify the prepositional phrase, and tell whether it acts as an adjective or adverb.The children found the pictures in the book interesting.A. The children; adjectiveB. in the book; adjectiveC. the pictures in; adjectiveD. found the pictures; adverb13. In the following sentence, to which antecedent is the pronoun referring?After Denise went to the grocery store, she stopped at the gas station.A. sheB. storeC. DeniseD. station14. Which of the following is a correct statement about punctuation?A. The two types of punctuation are beginning and external.B. Punctuation is usually an extra, unnecessary part of a sentence.C. Each direct question should end with a period.D. Punctuation marks show pauses, inflection, and emphasis.15. Which of the following is an example of a third-person pronoun?A. ThemB. UsC. OurselvesD. Yourselves16. Which of the following is an example of an infinitive phrase?A. which had been runningB. runningC. having been runningD. to run17. Which of the following correctly describes connotation?A. The meaning of a word that has never changedB. The pronunciation of a wordC. An implied meaning of word understood by language usersD. A new word added to the dictionary18. Of the following, which correctly describes the complete predicate of a sentence?A. All of the sentence except the simple subjectB. The prepositional phraseC. The verbD. All of the sentence except the complete subject19. In the following sentence, which words are nouns?During their vacation, Sarah and Matthew read the same book.A. their and bookB. vacation and bookC. Sarah, Matthew, the, and bookD. vacation, Sarah, Matthew, and book20. Which of the following is not a synonym of the word beautiful?A. StunningB. GorgeousC. AttractiveD. Gritty



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