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Assignment #3:
15 points
For this assignment, investigate the following topic:  
Covid-19 and Disability
There is great discussion and distress around the subject of societal responses to Covid-19 as it relates to people with disabilities. Whether it be people with medical disabilities/pre-existing conditions, or people with a mental health, developmental, intellectual, or sensory disabilities, the experience of quarantine, social distancing, and the question of receiving medical or other assistance, are daunting for many people with disabilities and their loved-ones. However, most nondisabled people remain unaware of how the Coronavirus is threatening the lives and life quality of people in the disability community. Your task is to learn about how Covid-19 is affecting people with disabilities and then write a thoughtful summary response using the criteria below.
Required Format
●  Microsoft Word ONLY
●  Responses must be in paragraph format underneath respective questions or sections.
●  1” margins
●  12-point font
●  Double-spaced
●  2-page minimum
Required Content 
●  Introduction – 2 points
A paragraph giving an overview of what you have researched and plan on presenting in your paper.
●  3 References & Summaries – 6 points
Write a paragraph summarizing each online or hard copy reference (3 paragraphs total) and the main points or perspectives made with that reference. Within each paragraph, include the website link to the readings, blogs, and/or online videos you utilized in your inquiry. 
●  Class Connections – 2 points
In 1-2 paragraphs, make the connection between 2 of the following fundamental areas and how they relate to this topic: 
●  Ableism
●  Social Model of Disability
●  Accessibility
●  Accommodations
●  Assistive technology
●  Disability rights
●  Respectful language
●  Eugenics
●  Reflection – 2 points
In 1-2 paragraphs reflect on the following prompts: 
○  I used to think that…
○  Why did you think that?  
○  Now I think that… 
○  Why do you think that now? 
○  What changed in your thinking?  
●  Closing – 2 points
In 1 paragraph, explain how disability is a tool or a means of innovation? How has the Covid-19discussion evolved toward new possibilities as a result of disability representation? Or how has it not evolved toward new possibilities? Explain.
●  Language – 1 point
Throughout your paper, use of person-first language is required (unless you are a person with a disability who prefers identity-first language and informs us of your preference within your paper). Respectful language is required. Inspiration porn is unacceptable. Proper disability-related language etiquette is required.  For help with this, please refer to the” Disability-Related Language in Written Assignments” document in Blackboard.


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