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1. Describe what your topic is, phrasing it as a research question. Please note:
a. the topic has to be sociology in nature; 
b. your research question should preferably be more general and open-ended than a hypothesis; (it is not a hypothesis, not yet);
2. Identify variables (one DV, at least one IV) which you have found in the GSS dataset (use the search function at Make sure you set the year to be “2012” before you search, since you are required to use data from GSS 2012 for your project. If you have questions, refer to the screenshots attached at the bottom of page for a step-by-step tutorial. If your variable of interest is NOT in the 2012 data set, consider revising your topic to work with available data. 
a. identify variable names; for example, “childs” is a variable name. It stands for “Number of children.” 
b. identify the question related to this variable that was asked in the survey (in verbatim). For example, GSS survey question for variable “childs” is as follows (in verbatim): 
How many children have you ever had? Please count all that were born alive at any time (including any you had from a previous marriage).
3. Explain why you chose these variables for your project; 
4. Explain why you think there is a correlation or a relationship. 
Reiteration: we will be using the 2012 data set for our project. All variables in your project HAVE to come from this 2012 data set. If you cannot find your variables of interest, revise your project in order to work with the 2012 data. 
If you need step-by-step tutorial, please download the screenshots attached at the bottom of the page (after grading rubrics) for details. Step 1: go to the GSS Data Explorer website: (you don’t need an account to explore GSS data site. But you are more than welcome to create an account. ) you could use the variable above as you IV and then your DV could be satfam7: B. All things considered, how satisfied are you with your family life?
  Code Label   1 Completely satisfied   2 Very satisfied   3 Fairly satisfied   4 Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied   5 Fairly dissatisfied   6 Very dissatisfied   7 Completely dissatisfied   8 Cannot choose   9 No answer   0 Not applicable    
The question you would be asking for this particular choice would be: 
Does whether or not one’s job makes it difficult to fulfill family responsibilities affect family satisfaction? All things considered, how satisfied are you with your family life?


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